This clan map has all the things you would want in a clan map: secrets, rancors, wampas, moving brushes, and lots of really big[/b...


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This clan map has all the things you would want in a clan map: secrets, rancors, wampas, moving brushes, and lots of really big rooms. Oh, I forgot Jawas. And reborns. Yep, those are there too.

Along with all of the above, it contains some of the less exciting characteristics of clan maps, mainly lack of lighting, repeating (and unvaried use of) textures, and very blocky architecture. Because in most rooms the walls, ceiling, and floor all use the same texture, and there is no real lighting in this map, it's sometimes hard to figure out where you are and where you're going.

Personally I think this map needs a little more direction and cohesion. It seems like a conglomeration of rooms at the moment rather than a single map. Some kind of theme (beyond OMG DIE IN 80 DIFFERENT WAYS!) would really help tie this map together. That, and maybe some more aesthetic texturing. And some nice lighting. :)

Oh, a working arena file would also help things tremendously. Remember -- you have to change the actual file extension!

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: My Skin
AUTHOR: Your Nickname Goes Here
E-MAIL: myemail@myserver.com
WEBSITE: http://www.mywebsite.com

FILENAME: outin.pk3
FILESIZE: 1,668 kb
DATE RELEASED: 14 june 2007

CREDITS: thx fender for making maps for us! thx Scarface for recruiting me 
all those years ago!
but most of all, thanks Death By Stereo for giving me something to listen to 
when i mosh in a ffa.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: its pretty simple, just put the file in base.

DESCRIPTION: This is a jk3 map i made based off the jk2 [DBS] castle outin 
my homeboy skillet FENDER made for us back in the day.
I am carrying on the legacy into jk3. its a 3 story castle with tons of 
secrets, ways to die, and npc's.
npc kill all at map change is a good idea if hosting with laggy ppl. its 
very bland looking, feel free to fix it for me : )
*sorry im not a leet mapper but i did damn well for self taught i think...* 
the wallfight room is 100% my creation,
i felt jk3 was missing something HUGE! force sensitive enviornments!!! my 
lair, and various evil devices are all my ideas based on what
Death By Stereo's original home felt like. theres tons of quirks about this 
small glitches ive learned to love like how its ''hot'' in the lava moat, or 
how sometimes the hidden tele to the secret labrenth
sometimes kicks you out to the castles' front door. : ) i didnt know how or 
why but its neat!! the map is totally beta: the fire doesnt burn you,
and my dungeon's execution room was really hard to make so i kinda gave up. 
(push button to close & lock door AND start a huge fire?)
theres tons of secrets if u wanna know em all hit me up on xfire: SHWARTS
i'll host it for ya and walk ya through!



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