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So. Imagine a mod that replaces all instances of "kill" with "own". Let's try that for a paragraph. US soldiers get owned in Iraq all the...


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File Description

So. Imagine a mod that replaces all instances of "kill" with "own". Let's try that for a paragraph.

US soldiers get owned in Iraq all the time. Meanwhile, rising gas prices are owning the US economy, which in turn causes inflation rates which own small businesses. Lung cancer and emphysema are a nasty way to go - let's face it, cigarettes own. According to The Buggles, video owned the radio star. My brother got arrested, he's a serial owner. Dude, what are you aiming at, own him already? Okay, I'll just go get my lawyer to draw up the deeds!

Et cetera.

So you see, that when taken out of context, one can easily cause offense just by substituting one word with it's L33tin (read: stupid @$#%£&€ gobbledy-gook #&$%) equivalent. Or sound totally silly, either way not good.

However. This mod probably won't offend anyone, because JA doesn't really spout potentially offensive phrases using the word "kill". But that's pretty much all this mod does. Replaces the term "kill" with "own". Huh, yeah, ownage. Like my big lazy.... Oh. This thing still turned on? >_>

Joke review for a joke file. Please direct any hate mail to our customer service department.

~ Kouen

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Jedi Academy
Name: Ownage Mod
Filename: ownagemod.pk3
Author: DarkLinkSkywalker (harrison_james17@hotmail.com)
Filesize: 20 KB
Release date: April 12 2008

Description: A little mod I made that replaces all (or most) references to the word "kill" with "own." For example, instead of saying things like "You killed yourself" it will now say "You owned yourself."
Put the pk3 in the base folder, and then own people.
Raven, lucasarts, activision, etc. for making the game
Jk3files for hosting it
Me for making it

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