This skin is certainly interesting, to say the least. It has both strengths and weaknesses.

I like the face on each variation of the skin...


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This skin is certainly interesting, to say the least. It has both strengths and weaknesses.

I like the face on each variation of the skin, though it would be nice if the face matched the color of each color variation. The rest of the skin I found somewhat confusing, as it almost looked like the author wanted the face to be the focus, so skimped out on the rest of the skin. Several parts of the skin seem to have a flame image overlaid on them, and several parts have an interesting pulsing shader. However it seems the shader was just added for the heck of it, and serves no practical purpose other than to look cool. I can't imagine why the swords would be pulsing, otherwise...

The other thing that bothers me with the skin is the sounds. Or rather, the sounds that are missing. Specifically, the jump sound. The skin has a complete soundset except for the jump sound! So there are lots of evil-sounding pain, taunt, and death noises, but we still get to here Jaden grunt whenever you roll. Why is this? A simple mis-naming of the jump sound. One of those little tiny things that should have been checked and fixed before release, though I must say I don't know that Jaden's jump sound and the jump sound included were all that different - neither really go very well with the skin.

We do have team support, however, as well as well as both BOT and NPC support, so that's a plus. A tip to the author, though. .npc and .bot files support more than one bot/npc, so you can combine them into 1 BOT file and 1 NPC file, to keep things neater. If you did it that way to organize, though, just ignore me ;)

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes


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Download 'pyros_samurai.zip' (8.64MB)

====Jeid Academy Mod====

Email: alexiscool41787@yahoo.com

Filename: Pyro's Samurai
FileSize: 8.63MB
Date Released: ------------------------------------

well this might be long....

first id like to thank my mom and dad for raising me also my gf for buying me my nice 19&quot; lcd monitor wich i used when i made these skins then id liek to tank the cla...JKA school (its not a clan its a school where we teach people the ins and outs of the game [and life {because we are like family =) }]) im in >DV< for all their ideas and sugestions also id liek to thank pentium for making the 2.6 ghz prosessor wich is in the computer i used to make these also ati for making the radeon 9000 video card in the computer and creative for making the sound card and the cool speakers and asus for making the mother board and hitatchi for the 160 gb HD and who ever made my 512 stick of ram... i dunno who that was... and what ever else in that area then id liek to thank lucas for coming up witht he whole starwars idea and lucasarts and activision and raven for making such a awesome game for me to mod also microsoft for making windows (thanks bill if you happen to ever see this can i barrow like 50 bucks? ...please....) anyway also then again for making my mouse id also like to thank who ever made the chair im sitting in and also the maker of my computer desk and the computer case  and who ever made my mouse pad and kingsquare apartments and cleco electric co. and huricane katrina for now destroying my computer and the rest of my stuff id liek to thank japan for ever having samurai and the inventor of the katana id liek to thank the tao and id like to thank sobe adrenaline (good drink), trees for the oxygen, oxygen, by good friend BEN!!! woo hoo for giving me this game wich he definatly payed for and wich i definatly didnt copy because as every one knows pirating games no matter how easy and free it is no matter how much it seems like a cheap and easy way to get thousands of dollars of free stuff no matter how good of an idea it sounds we all know that its...wrong...(was that what i was suposed to say?... yeah... ok..[finaly got the lawyers off my back haha j/k]). where was i oh yeah and gravity you gotta have gravity and evolution and CDs! and DVDs! and cd and dvd drives and oh notepad! and pakscape and modview and Jimesu_Evil for making this model and Shady-D for weighting it and Playingkarrde for making the katana model the makers of diablo game where the face came from and the makers of quake for the humiliation sfx and korn for one of them pulpfiction and samuel jackson for another one some diablo game again for other sounds and adobe for making photoshop CS2 wich i used also windows mediaplayer and nero wave editor and dbpoweramp music converter and candy, soda, shells and cheese, french fries, cake, cheese, ...great now im hungry... id also like to thank logitech for making my keyboard and also you for reading this far if you bothered to...hell thanks for even opening the readme most people dont read theese unless you are reading this on the site... in wich case hi hows it going isnt this a cool site the got alot of nice stuff on here to download and its free isnt that cool id really like to thank jk3files for being such a cool site also the reviewers and filefront for hosting stuff and id like to thank charter for being i ISP with the 3 meg cable wich is curently down...thanks to katrina but i hope its back soon soo i can send in this cool skin id like to thank slider too the creator of japlus wich i use so does the DV server um also id liek tot hank fire...or who ever created fire god tao who ever you belive did it and well i guess ill stop now...thanks for reading that

noncredit: (people or things i dont thank)

mean people, computer crashes, lag, server crashes, crashes of almost any kind, my 9th grade english teacher...almost every teacher ive ever had... my gfs sister and brother in law marideth and mat snowden who in my opinion are the biggest, most, arogant, superficial, overly selfconcious about thrier own image, illogical, ignorant, moronic, hypocritical, pitifull, excuses for cristians (wich is what they claim to be), the lowest form of life that ever walked the face of the earth oh and the lie too and are mean and mean people was the first thing in this list so you can imagine how much i dont thank them any way on with the read me i also dont thank the typing class i took in highschool because i didnt learn much in it as you can see lol

Put the pk3 pyros samurai in your gamedata/base folder

====The Skin====
this is a skin i made the idea came to me one day when my internet was out for no reason...i was thinking i like samurai and i like fire...so ill put them together and after about a week of procrastinating and forgetign the idea then remembering it again then forgeting and remembering and about a month of this proces i decided that id do it right then and there no more waiting that was it i was gona start that verry second...and so a week later i started working on it...and it came out pretty good i think it started out as just the default one but then i remembered all the reviews of so many skins on jk3files that i had read where alot of them say things liek its cool but sadly no new sounds no bot suport no team skins no npc suport ect.... and i thought HA! im gona make a pre emtive strike ill make all of that stuff so they cant count off for it...that and i didnt have much else to do and its not that hard to do....but any way so i added team colors and then i added npc suport and sounds and then bot suport and for a while that was it...then i was messing around in mod view and my gf saw it and said hey thats cool you should make a green one so i did then she said hey you should make a purple one so i did and then she said cool...but then i said how about a white one...so i made it but its not really white.. its black and white... basicaly its just 0 saturation on the jpegs but if you wonder why the face and arms are still colored its because 1. its my skin i can do what ever i want to it B. because those are actualy part of the guy the rest is his costume if you will and 3.its still my skin and thats that... ok also im sorry for the file size... but i just wasnt willing to comprimise any of the quality... then i make something i do it my way or not at all and my way just happens to be make it the best i can and who cares how big the file is...altho the sounds on it meh im sure ill get complaints because they dont match really like 3 or 4 different voices...but i kinda liked them all and D.its my skin but ive never heard the humiliation sound effect in jka atleaste not on a skin...i thought it was a creative toutch...after all isnt jka made on the quake engine? why not bring some cool quake sounds to it. also its wrong but i like having a skin says humiliation in a cool voice in or after a duel... for some reason its satisfying...demented and sad but satisfying... and so in cunclusion FF7 rox thank you all 

ummm just look up there... the read me is already long enough....
(your asking me why this is even here then because i use a readme template for all my creations and i didnt feel liek deleting this par you may be wondering didnt it take more effort to type all this than it would have to delete the credits thing well all i have to say to that is...4. its my readme)

this is the first skin ive submited to jk3files but i also made pyro's saber mod wich is only the coolest saber mod ever created...ever. i also made a HUD called pyro's HUD but that was V1 there is a V2 thats already done and i just have to get around to making the read me for it and sending it it also i have a few other mods made ill send in eventualy...do you want to know what they are? ok one is a mod that changes that blury effect that you get when your empowered from the boring white blur to my more cool awesome firey effect it also changes the pushed effect and pull effect so you see it if someone pushes you or pulls you some of you might liek it some might now but it will be out soon another one is a mod that changes the flame thrower sound you know that flame trower that you get when your a super mec of if you toggle it instead of lightning well i never liked its sound effect it was annoying so i made a mod that makes a more pleasant firey sound will be out soon also i made a mod that changes the jka start up screen to the blue screen of death made faus especialy by windows ME /ampuke you know what im talking about REDDAWN you and your Melenium Edition lol but its cool they go to start ja and omg! its the BSD (blue screen of death) use ti to fool your friends or somehtign i dunno ....i thought it was a cool/funny idea that will be out soon too... keep your eyes open for them on jk3files  



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