There is one thing about this model that I find peculiar. It has a single-player soundset, yet was designed for multiplayer... curious


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There is one thing about this model that I find peculiar. It has a single-player soundset, yet was designed for multiplayer... curious...

Anyway, if you're looking for the ultimate Padme model you may very well have stumbled across it. I'll admit it - I liked Padme. Well... I like Natalie Portman as an actress. Anyway, this model - or shall I say model pack - gives a good representation of Padme in some of the outfits that haven't yet been represented. Stingray hasn't bothered including, for instance, the Geonosis outfit. Probably because this is an Episode III pack :p, but that outfit's already been beaten to death anyway. This pack consists of mostly Padme in her more formal garb, as seen in Episode III, as well as one outfit from Episode II. All are quite good and the face is remarkably similar to Natalie Portman's without looking like a picture was just pasted on the head. Kudos there!

I didn't look extraordinarily hard at these models for technical kinks, but I did notice some slight weighting errors around the shoulders and knees, a couple of areas which are quite difficult to weight as it is. However neither area are easily noticible during gameplay so most of you will probably never even notice. I only noticed because I have a trained eye ;).

Overall a very good pack of models, including both team and bot support. Definitely give it a download if you're a prequel fan - this is a pack not to be missed.

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: No


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Download '' (12.69MB)

Jedi Academy Model

Model Name: Padme_EpIII
includes: Padme_EpIII, Padme_purple, Padme_nightgown/blue nightgown, Padme_green, and Padme_EpII (I really liked this costume, and I thought it was from EpIII. Even though it's from EpII, I added it.)
Author: StingRay

Note* This file is bigger than most. I put all the models together. Do not download the file, if this is a problem for you.

*****Most of this was made before the movie came out, and few changes were made, since it's release, to the original ones. I added a couple more, and changed the icons. References, and sounds were limited then. It is not 100% identical to the film. In fact, I still have yet to see the film. I guess this is a beta. If people download it, I might update the model. I saw a photo of the EpII costume, and really liked the look of it. It was made under the assumption it was from EpIII. I added it anyway. 

The blue nightgown model is under the blue team color. The pieces of her costumes as well as her hair are separate model pieces. So, you can turn them on or off.  Sorry, there are no LODs.  I made this model for multi player, and there isn't any NPC support.  

Installation Instructions:

Place the Padme_EpIII.pk3 file from this zip archive into the LucasArts/StarWarsJediKnightJediAcademy/gamedata/base/ directory, where you installed the game.
I tried to make this file as small as possible. 


Bot Support- Yes
Team Support- Yes
New Sounds- Yes  (6 new sounds)
LODs- No    

--This model, is not to be modified or skinned without my permission.- -  
Just email me.

* Copyright / Permissions *
The character Padme Amidala and the sounds added are copyright Lucasfilm.

© 2002 LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC. 
© 2002 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM or ® as indicated.
All rights reserved. Used under authorization.
LucasArts and the LucasArts logo are trademarks
of Lucasfilm Ltd.
© Raven Software LTD 2002, Activision

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