Patrick Cox

taxmasterfinal.zip —


this video out! Informative no? Apparently his beard can solve third world hunger, cause IRS agents to drop dead where they stand and was instrumental in the death of Osama Bin Laden. Take that Chuck Norris' beard!Unfortunately this skin will not automatically fix your tax problems, but it is great for a Chuck Vs Tax Master duel! That is one duel video I would like to see. :PThis skin itself is a pretty good reskin of the Rax Joris model, which was a perfect choice for this skin. There are a few areas as far as texturing is concerned that I feel could be improved upon; the beard doesnt really look like hair, I think using a hair texture from one of the base JKA models as a base to 'paint' on the beard would be a good idea. Other than that I think the clothing needs a but more texture to it, as it looks a little flat. Perhaps a few wrinkles or a more cloth like texture would help here.Overall though a fun skin here! :DNew Sounds: YesBot Support: NoTeam Support: No~Nozyspy~


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