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Man :\ whoda thought a Castlevania model was be so disappointing?

So, that being said, let's commence a brief introduction for those not...


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Man :\ whoda thought a Castlevania model was be so disappointing?

So, that being said, let's commence a brief introduction for those not versed in the awesome that is a Castlevania monster, one that actually appears in almost every game(I can't say for certain as there are still a few I've yet to play.) As such, I've got a pretty good idea of what this creature looks like. Unfortunately, this just barely passes the line, and only because it only remotely looks like it.

Shape-wise, it's pretty much almost dead on. However, the actual EYE itself seems too big. I'm also rather certain that the peeping eye's body, while segmented, still had SOME remote connectivity to it. However, upon looking at the many interpretations of the P.E., it would appear that this is fine.This one here has gaps between segments. Definitely not a good look. The eye lids for the peeping have always had some thick ridges at the ends of the lids. This is just one big circle, and therefore doesn't cut it too well.

My main beef with this model is probably in the texture region. First off, there's a clear seam in the texture where you can see where the sphere is divided. Not good. After that, then you look at the color and texture of the eye. It's god awful actually =_o it looks like it was run through a photoshop filter, the result being this...well, it looks like a group of marbles with a scorpion tail, to be honest. Not very attractive at all. I don't know about the rest of you, but I've accepted the yellow/lime color for the Peeping Eye for now. I looked for any possible renditions close to this. Alas, maybe only one, but it wasn't even close because that version had spikes on its eye pod. Also :\ the eye was supposed to look like an average eye, save for the iris, which I think is generally pink or red.

Sounds are hard to get for a creature like this, since it generally made very little noise.

Honestly, this was sort of a hit-and-miss. I would definitely put a little more work into this model as a V2. Pick your version and stick with it. You got plenty to choose from. There's a Castlevania wiki if you need it, with plenty of shots of a peeping eye for you to use.

Now, another suggestion I have: since this model's complexity is minimal, I was going to suggest you could possibly make a separate version of this model for use as an NPC. Then, perhaps you could use the Probe Droid as a basis for said NPC, and rig the animations so its tail would naturally float back and forth. Best of all, Peeping Eyes have been known to fire beams out of their eyes, so you could keep the default pewpew attack and not worry about canon realism o_o Definitely look into it >_> it'd definitely enhance this product tenfold.

Well there you have it. Let's see if we can't make this simple model a lot more badass, eh? I personally would love to see more castlevania content on this site, as a lot of it would definitely have some appeal to a lot of folks on this site.

Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Aye New Sounds: Nay Team Support:Aye

- Averus Retruthan

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TITLE: Peeping Eye
AUTHOR: Last Wish

FILENAME: Peeping_Eye.pk3
FILESIZE: 1.77. mb
DATE RELEASED: 29 aug 2008

CREDITS: Model, Uvw Map, Textures, Shaders, Rigging/Weighting - Last Wish
Idea and Request - Darth Cariss

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Put the Peeping_Eye.pk3 into your gamedata/base folder.

DESCRIPTION: This is a model from Castlevania, Requested by Darth Cariss (Thanks =P)
Including 2 skins, team support and npc support. 

BUGS: Sadly no sounds, but I promise that I will make a version 2 and improve the model and add sounds.


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