Peril in the Core

This is the first really impressive duel map I've seen in a long time, so naturally I'm quite excited about it. :D It's set in some kind...


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This is the first really impressive duel map I've seen in a long time, so naturally I'm quite excited about it. :D It's set in some kind of powercore, and reminds me of the original JK2 levels, in terms of dangerous heights and jumping to tricky ledges e.t.c. I'm going to point out the only two main negative things first to get them out of the way. There's a few small errors where curved patches meet (See second screenshot) which leaves a gap between obstacles - nothing which spoils the map, but it's still a small bug which is a pity. Otherwise, my gripes come with the lighting and design, in the small 'whitish' sections that come off from the area with four walkways, leading to the lifts. Everything else in this map looks great, but these two little corridors seem bland, and the textures just seem a tiny bit out of place.

Now onto the good things, which make up 90% of the map, and more. :) The shaders and effects used for the most part are fantastic - loving that circular forcefield with the rotating rings and the jump pads, but hating those annoying robots which always shoot at you. Grrrr. The map is kind of divided into two sections, the bit above the forcefield and the bit below. If you're above and fall, you're safe, but if you're below you're likely to fall to a nasty doom, however there are ways out, such as the gusts of air which pull you up the pipes and the moving platforms. Additionally, there's a small circular platform right at the bottom which reminds me of the place where Luke and Vader have their duel on Hoth, which was nice I guess. It all has this nice bluey glow, with some cool light flares and some very intricate architecture and patch work. I guess the only real flaw was the general wall texture, which repeats a little if you stare at it long enough lol, but I guess when you're dueling you won't notice :D

I also believe this map comes with custom music and skybox, of which the latter you wont see too much of, but it's still nice to look out on in the elevator shafts. The music is general Star-wars stuff from Episode II (I think) and not to my tastes, but you can't argue with the fact that Star Wars music and a Star Wars map mix lol. There's also bot support, which is a necessary addition for all duel maps, so good job!

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Map name                : Peril in the Core
Map background          : The Merr Sonn corporation has constructed a space station to aid in illegal weapons research in the desolate and frozen Anteevy system. A deadly battle rages within the station's power core after the corporation's devious plans are uncovered.
Game                    : Jedi Academy Multi-Player
Game Type               : Free for All / Duel
Version                 : 1.0
Date                    : May 14, 2005

Author                  : Patrick Haslow
Email                   :
Web                     :

Map description         : Perilous Free-for-All battles or duels in the cavernous power core of the Merr Sonn Corporation's space station.

Additional Credits to   : George Lucas, Raven Software, John Williams for "Jango's Escape"
                          Proxy for his JK2 map "Bespin Void", the inspiration for this setting.

Thanks to               : Matt Hallaron, Judy Challender, the crew at


New Textures            :  YES (created by author)
New Sounds              :  YES (from public domain source material)
New Skins               :  NO
New Objects             :  NO
New Music               :  YES (see above)

* Construction *
Brush Count             : 2754
Entity Count            : 589
Base info               : original map
Software used           : Radiant 1.4, Adobe Photoshop, Goldwave
Known Bugs              : none


This map is unusually small for FFA matches, and is best played with 2-4 players.
Bot support is provided, but they would do well to develop a fear of heights.
For dueling purposes, those wanting a larger dueling area should activate the force field to create a larger arena. For quick escapes or rapid transit, explore the boost pads and airjet tubes. Also, beware the energy beam projector and power conduits! 

* How to use this map *

Simply place core.pk3 in your GameData\base directory


* Copyright / Permissions *


****NOTE: No materials contained herein may be used without the written consent of the author.

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