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Well hello there, finally I managed to get something to review before new reviewers got their monstrous hands on it

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Well hello there, finally I managed to get something to review before new reviewers got their monstrous hands on it <.<

Today we have a very nice addition to our database, it's also based on a movie I like a lot. Behold as this is Phantom of the Opera Skinpack. The pack itself seems to consist of edited normal version of Tobe's Phantom and a few musical weapons also made by Tobe, reskinned Padme to look like Christine, menu addons and new stances.

I'm going to start with the main dish - Phantom himself. The skin is a sligh edit of what Tobe gave us, it's been made more black and front of his clothes got changed it seems. Then I think the author also edited Phantom's mask because it covers a bit more of face than Tobe's. Overall it's a good tweak that gives it more movie authentic feeling, however there are a few problems aswell. By problems I mean little artifacts on shoulders area textures and texture misalignments on head, both can be seen ingame and could be frustrating for some people. There aren't any sounds either, maybe some could be added in the next version.

Now let's move onto Phantom's secret love and his personal Angel of Music - Christine. The model picked for the reskin was Episode 3 Padme, as much as the model choice is the best author could get, it's hard to make it look good without proper texturing - and that's when the first problem arises, the textures on the dress seem to be bland and undetailed, the color is also way off from the dress Christine used to wear in the movie (In the movie it was white with a soft, yellow tint. Here it's white with a bit of grey cotton overlay). Face wasn't changed either it seems so the skin looks way too much like Padme, once again there are completly no sounds. =.= Needs improvement for future releases.

And now it's time for the stances, they alter basic saber holding stances but I couldn't spot any edits of walking, running, attacking animations. The stances were made to fit rapier type weapons like in the movie and I think they look really good. There isn't any awkward movement, nor are any glitches. They are a nice alteration of BaseJKA stances and can also look good with lightsabers and other weapons despite being made for rapiers.

Then there are just Tobe's musical weapons and Tobe's menu files used for compatibility with all Tobe's creations in SP, that's why I'm going to skip describing them, for more info about those you should head to -;77093

Now we should conclude this review, shouldn't we? Overall this is a nice medium quality skinpack that could be a nice addon to anyone's Base folder, but remember - There is always room for improvement. Now as a Phantom of the Opera fan I demand you all submit bandwidth or I shall engulf you with my diabolic flame! ] : - >

Npc Support: Yes Team Skins: Yes New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes but only for Phantom


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Download '' (18.35MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: The Phantom of the Opera Skin Pack V1.0
AUTHOR: Obiwan20
FILENAME: Phantom Of The Opera Pack V1
FILESIZE: 9.85mb
DATE RELEASED: 11/4/2008

CREDITS: Tobe, for the original skin

Stingray, for the original model

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Place Phantom Of The Opera Pack V1.pk3 in Your base

DESCRIPTION: A new (Enhanced) version of Tobe's phantom of the opera skin pack
I thought his should be a little more tuned to the movie.
Added Christine skin from Stingrays Padme_epIII.
All the or original weapons from Tobes Is in here to.

And!.... Theres a little surprise file in there to for all you stances lovers...

Plans For V2
Madam Giry
The Opera House owners
Improve phantom  and  Christine

Npc Support: Yes
Team Skins: Yes
New Sounds: No
Bot Support: For phantom, yes

BUGS / COMMENTS: If Anyone finds any bug please email me about them at


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