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This skin really isn't anything special. It's not outrageously bad, but it's not spectacularly good, either. The biggest place it's lacking...


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This skin really isn't anything special. It's not outrageously bad, but it's not spectacularly good, either. The biggest place it's lacking is creativity. Why? Well, how many times have you seen a skin recolored black? Or grey? See my point here? It's something that's been done a million different times in a million different ways, and it's starting to get old.

However despite that, it seems the actual recoloration of the skin has been done rather neatly. Along with the recoloring of the default cultist, it looks like some decals were added on to the various parts of the model, though I must say by looking at the skinmaps they look incredibly flat - not blended into the skin. In-game it's hard to tell, though. The author has also included a 'spectre' skin, which is basically one of the other skins with a shader making it semi-transparent. Not the typical Star Wars "blue glowie" at least.

Personally I'm just glad none of the skins are completely black. The author shows a bit of style by combining black, white, and grey together, to make something that, while still overdone, isn't as harsh on the eyes - or as incredibly bland - as some of it's 'dark' predecessors. However as a note to the author, next time for a skin like this I'd suggest going a little bit lighter on the team colors. With such a nice blend of black, white and grey, the blindingly vivid red and blue seem somewhat out of place.

Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: No


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: "Phorsaekken"
AUTHOR: Michael "Crazy_Falco" O'Brien, Samuel "Phoenix" Palmer
E-MAIL: crazy_falco@hotmail.com, property_of_area51@hotmail.com
WEBSITE: <coming soon!>

FILENAME: phorsaekken.pk3
FILESIZE: 8,856 kb
DATE RELEASED: 10th October 2005

CREDITS: Credit goes to Raven for the cultist model, Crazy_Falco reskinned it and Phoenix did some shader work for the 'spectre' version. Credit also goes to Phoenix for teaching Falco what the hell he was doing.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Simply extract the zip file to your X:\...\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\Base\ folder, where X represents your drive letter, and '...' represents the directory you installed JK:JA to. (Please note: All the zip file needs to be extracted, including subfolders, or else it wont work) That's it!

DESCRIPTION: Phorsaekken is a skinned model of the 'cultist' from JK:JA. Almost a 'goth' jedi, his outfit is mostly black, with out versions consisting of varying shades of grey and blinding white. Included is the default phorsaekken, as well as phorsaekkenlight, phorsaekkendark and spectre, a ghost like edition of the skin. There are team skins, but no new sounds or bot support.

BUGS: Non know at this date in time. Please email either of us if you find any..

COMMENTS: Phorsaekken is basically a new sith / dark jedi skin. If your looking for a cool new 'goth' skin, or just a darker skin, with some nice highlights, give it a go. This is my first skin for Jedi Acedemy (Phoenix has submitted skins before), and without my good friend Phoenix's help, it would not have been possible.


Required items: The latest patch for JK:JA.

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