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Have you ever wanted to kill the pizza guy? I hope not, then you wouldn't get any pizza. Well, Rosh has started a pizza place, under the al...


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Have you ever wanted to kill the pizza guy? I hope not, then you wouldn't get any pizza. Well, Rosh has started a pizza place, under the alias of Pizza Guy. Who would buy his pizza, I don't know. But you can sure kill this pizza man, cause he's got no pizza! Anyways, presenting the Pizza Guy!

This is a Rosh reskin, with basically paint bucketed clothes. Seriously, who wants a paint bucketed white shirt, red arms, and green pants? This isn't Christmas. The clothes consist of solid colors, but the author has tried to put some folds into the ''cloth''. But, black lines don't cut it. We need some shading other than the in-game shading. So, work on the skinning.

Okay, other than his horrible fashion sense, Rosh has the logo ''Rosh's Pizza'' on his back. Hand-painted in red on a green background. The text could certainly be a lot bigger, as it's a logo. They're meant to be seen, not ignored. I would have liked some new sounds on this. It would have been great to hear a pizza man scream. Especially since it'd be Rosh screaming.

I must say it again. You do not need to include the _humanoid folder in your submission! It adds a lot of space to your submission, and in unneeded. It had been deleted from this file, reducing it from around nine megabytes to less than one. Do not include the _humanoid folder in your submission, it will get deleted!

So, if you like this, or just want to kill the Pizza Guy, or Rosh, download this.

Bot Support: No Npc Support: No New Sounds: No Team Support: Yes (Default)


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READ-ME for Pizzaguy 1.0
Model name: pizzaguy
Author: Cowlover111
Description: This is a Pizza Guy skin for JKA. I don't own Jedi Outcast, so it might work
for that game, or it might not.So don't hold me responsible if/when the skin doesn't work 
for JKO. You can hold me responsible if it doesn't work for JKA.
Now more about the skin.
This is a skin for Rosh Penin. He wears a white shirt, and red pants. On the back of his 
shirt, Rosh's Pizza is written in red. Unfortunately, I don't know how to skin his armpits,
so those are unskinned. This is my first skin, so I don't have bot support, or new sounds,
or team colors. However, I will do my best to include those in the near future.
Credits: Raven: for creating this game. George Lucas: for writing the books that were 
made into movies of which this game is based off of. Me: for skinning the skin.
I used the Rosh model in the Assets1.pk3.
Installation: Simply unzip the file into your base folder.
Unistallation:Simply move the pizzaguy.pk3 file OUT of your base folder.
Final Stuff: This skin is not made or supported by Lucasarts. I really could care 
less if this skin is used in any mods, as long as I am given proper credit.
P.S. The white shirt has red sleeves. :)

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