Planetary Base

Okay, Singleplayer Maps. Generally, SP maps have a greater pressure on them to be more interactive and fun, and for good reason. Something...


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Okay, Singleplayer Maps. Generally, SP maps have a greater pressure on them to be more interactive and fun, and for good reason. Something like THIS is not what should be the result.

Sometimes I think people just slap the word "Beta" on their versions to ward off the impending wrath of people like me who want to vent their rage on an inferior product. This is definitely something that needs to be thickened out, exponentially. This micro-adventure is basically a tiny gauntlet, containing a whopping 4 enemies: Two reborns, an imperial, and the Possessed Tavion. There's barely any detail, one door, and one elevator. The rest is near bare, save for that ripped T2_rancor hall and that minuscule command center.

Honestly, this seems more of a grab for attention versus an actual beta map. There's hardly anything to beta test here, which was what the author was trying to portray was the purpose of this publishing. Try again later, when you actually put more in here -_-; Maps like this are just a waste of time and space, no offense directed toward you.

New Textures: Nay New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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Download '' (1.19MB)

Install the pk3 file in C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Jedi Knight Jedi AcademyGameDatabase folder.

If you installed the game in anther location, the file still needs to go in the "base" folder.


To play the map in single player mode do the fowlloing.

1. Install the map as told above.
2. when in-game, bring down the consol and type "devmap planetary_base" or "map planetary_base" with out the quotes.


Map type: it is capable of ffa team_ffa duel however i built this map for single player.

Map bsp name: planetary_base.bsp

long name: Planetary Base


Hi Im Dan. I am the maker of this map

I made this map becuase i wanted to try a difrent style of maping.


To come:

The next map will be more compatible with multiplayer. The next map will be simular to this map.



I Used part of t2_rancor JKA Singleplayer level in this map.
The part I used was part of a hallway, a door, and a 4 feet (x) by 2 feet (y) by 6 feet (z) room.

If there is an error with my map send a measege to

do not expect a responce an there will be to much mail to go throuh.


Map made by Dan Pecoraro

Thank you to all mapers who have good ideas in whitch ive incorportated into my maps.

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