This map could really use some custom texturing. That said, I really love the feel and mood of this map. The rain really adds to the feel, a...


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This map could really use some custom texturing. That said, I really love the feel and mood of this map. The rain really adds to the feel, and the almost inaudible music somehow really polishes it off. This map only suffers by bland, somewhat mismatching textures that can only be accredited to the fact that I don't think Raven really had this type of map in mind when they put out those textures. It mixes Yavin textures with Korriban textures (I think) and in some places is very successful, but in others isn't.

Let's stop talking about textures for a moment and get down to the architecture of the map. The map itself is quite expansive, but due to the often constrictive passages I believe the author is right when he says that this map really isn't meant for an expansive free-for-all. These same passages, however, add a lot of character to the map, especially the sewer system which I really love. The only bit I found a bit disappointing with that was that if you jump into the water you can clearly see that the bottom has been caulked. Normally you wouldn't see this, but the action of jumping in from a height gives just enough bob so that you can see it. Kudos on trying to conserve space, but sometimes that can go a bit further than necessary. This also becomes a problem in some areas where the tops of areas were left open, rather than capped with a brush containing the skybox. As a result, from several points in the map you can see straight over the tops of the walls to other areas, giving clear views of the caulked backs of some brushes. This should definitely be looked into for a version 2, or future maps, whichever the case may be. There is also at least one missing texture in this map.

Other than those few errors and shortcomings, I think this particular map has a lot of promise and potential, and a lot of really high points. Give it a download if this looks like the kind of map you like!

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Plaza
AUTHOR: DarkAbyss

FILENAME: plaza.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 15 December 2006

CREDITS: Raven for making all the textures I used.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the file plaza.pk3 into the base folder wherever you installed JA.

DESCRIPTION: This is a FFA map which was designed for people to hang around and chat on with the occasional duel etc.
             and it is set on no particular world in a city where it rains alot! It consists of a large FFA area, various
             corridors, a storm water drainage systems, a meditatation area, a small gun battle area and other sections 
             which I may have failed to mention.	

BUGS: No known bugs... Although sometimes you can see through the skybox to other section... I didn;t know how to
      stop it from happening.

COMMENTS: This is the second map I've ever released so yay for me. I enjoyed making it (sometimes), and hope some of you
          will enjoy playing it :P Tell all your friends about it! Make them play it!


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