(Power)Duel Arena



So it's Christmas eve and what better way to spend it than reviewing files, right? I'm a Scrooge when it comes to Christmas spirit :p

Anyway the review, a simple duel map. A large open area with places to openly battle, jump down from or try and jump up to (using wall climbing). There are a few power ups in this map but they are all the way at the top so actually getting up there for them is a challenge and you may find yourself being shot up the jacksie by a lightsaber if you try!

The texturing is very simple but isn't repetative (phew!) and the lighting is OK - most of the time it does appear to come from a light source, even if it does mean the light bends a corner or two!

You duelers out there should like it if you like a simple open area to duel in with a bit of a variety and the possibility of a power up if you can get to it.

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/           (power) duel arena by Sinhope6           /
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this map is for duel or power duel. In power duel, one of the member of the double team starts in a jail, i found it fun. ;)
only force jump,push and saber abilyties are avaliable by default.
Enjoy and send me commentar there : [email protected]


just copy the duel_area.pk3 file in your Gamedata\base\ directory

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