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Brought to our altar a while back was a wonderful skinpack based off the predator model. This pack was meant to go with pre...


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Brought to our altar a while back was a wonderful skinpack based off the predator model. This pack was meant to go with previous skin pack , and the model names reflect that.

There is a large number of skins in this pack, so in the interest of time, I will only post a few of the screenshots. This skin pack has, unfortunately, been sitting too long due to issues concerning its previous reviewer.

Overall, each skin seems to have its own personal flavor, along with some that make a larger distinction by matching the terrain they are meant to hunt in. For example, the last screenshot shows the Arctic version of the Predatorial beasts of darkness. You'll never guess what terrain they're meant to hunt in. If you do, you win death =_,=

Each skin was nothing short of marvelous, and I daresay I'll be retaining these in my base due to their flat out awesomery =_=. The hunt is on, lads and lasses, so I could suggest HIDING BY SUBMITTING BANDWIDTH TO THE FILEFRONT TEMPLE SO YOU CAN BLEND IN AND NOT GET GORED.

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- Averus Retruthan

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Title: Predator Pack 1v4

Model: Fox, Pyskosith
Skin: Sn_Cyrith
Sounds: Sn_cyrith, Fox, Pyskosith 
File Name : PredatorPack1v4.pk3
Date Released : 12:55 AM 21/03/2007
Team Skins not yet
Custom sounds Yes
Description :
Well this is an update to the previous version (being 1v3).
It features Alot of new predators.
Alien Hunter = Hero
Alien Hunter = Unknown
Predator 5 = Completely new skin 
Predator 6 = Completely new skin
Predator 10 = Artic Predator
Predator 11 = Another Artic predator

Also I have updated the textures for predator 4 (from the first movie =D), and a few others.
Take care.


CREDITS: credits to anyone whose work I used or borrowed, 
including graphics and models. 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract to your gamedata/base folder.
                           Or just simply make a shortcut to your base folder and slap the file in. 

Special thanks go to: 
Fox for even making predator, 
Pyskosith for getting the model, 
and jasc paintshop pro.

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