Averus implores you that you do not let the name of this map mystify you too much. All this map really is is a map of the Emperor's Throne...


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Averus implores you that you do not let the name of this map mystify you too much. All this map really is is a map of the Emperor's Throne Room from Returning of the Jedis =_=. To be honest, I have seen better.

The map contains generally the same things you would expect, minus a couple good aspects. The throne area itself is actually pretty accurate, but I think what's probably the detrimental factor of this map is that it relies too much on the darkness, I think. You don't fall far in the pitch black shaft and those two sides of the tower are hidden in darkness, lacking detail. Also, the outside window behind the throne revealed that there wasn't a skybox, just a forged picture of outer space. It doesn't look that great, either. Doesn't give you the feeling that you're in space.

Overall, a rather average attempt. I would suggest pumping a little more detail into this map. It'd have more potential this way ._.

New Textures: Aye New Music: Aye Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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Download '' (9.9MB)

Map Name: Prophecy
Author: InfernoX
Release Date: June 24th 2007
Supported Gamemodes:  Duel,Powerduel

Tools used:
Gtk Radiant 1.4
Adobe Photoshop CS 2

*Notes* The map was originally designed for the Moviebattles II mod, and as such the base port is
not thoroughly tested, I loaded the map to make sure it worked.

Custom Textures: Yes
Custom Music: Yes/No/Notsure( got it from MBII)
Bot routes: Nooooooo

Special Thanks:
The CMP for hosting my test sessions and putting up with me all these years
The people at Map-Craft, specifically Immenor for teaching me a lot over the years.
Furry Rodian, Magma, Someone, tom, Alpha, Yzmo, plasma, and others who all gave feedback.
Lindsey for his excellent reference pictures, without those I wouldn't have got this far.

About the author:

I'm InfernoX and I've been mapping for nearly 3 years now, however this would be my first RELEASED map.
I've always strived to perfect my work, and I feel this map is my best work to date.  I hope you
enjoy playing it as much as I did making it.

-Credit goes to Raven Software for some textures and for making this game.
-Thank you mb team for this awesome mod, which has been the source of my entertainment and is what
spiked my interest in mapping, sorry I've been such a troublemaker =)

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