Prophet Clan Map

Well, the Prophet Clan presents its map! While this map does have clan logos in it, it doesn't have that many. And it wasn't insane...


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Well, the Prophet Clan presents its map! While this map does have clan logos in it, it doesn't have that many. And it wasn't insanely large and obnoxious as other clan maps tend to be.

You start out in a nice little arena area, one which you stay in during a TFFA. Yep, that's right, no running around trying to catch people in tffa's now! You're just in one area, and the area where you spawn is protected, so you don't *have* to go into spectator when you're afk. Anyways, that area has two ways you can go, one leads to a room with a health ''kiosk'' (It's more of a stall, thing, but I wanted to say kiosk.) Then on the other side is a black mirror. That means you can't see anything until you get really close to it. And now for the center part of this room, there is a teleporter. And what does it teleport you to? A flight area. One filled with miniature tie fighters and bombers.

Okay, on to the other room. This leads you to a hallway, which leads to several other areas. One is a training area. This consists of pillars with spikes on them that damage you, so you need to dodge in and out while attacking. Then there are various dueling rooms. There is also a nice outside ''garden''. It's nice to have an outside place to go when the rest of the map is inside. And there are also some cool secrets. One is in the council room, another is easy to find. Heh, I got the grand tour, so I'm special. This wasn't a bad map. It was rather nice, in fact. If you really want to see if you like or dislike this map, then download and test it. Although I would've liked to see bot support and new music.

New Music: No Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Models: No


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Prophet Clan Map
E-MAIL: *Varr* - *Just a Helper*

FILENAME: cp_Xtreme.pk3
FILESIZE: 4.99mbs
DATE RELEASED: 5 June 2006 too

CREDITS:  Thank you Twist? for your ideas and pushing me :) mini TIE-Fighters/Bombers (released by Keshire), council room door, from the sithcouncil map, council floor, from Jedi'home(JL)

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Extract to your base folder and done.
DESCRIPTION**: This map was made for Prophet. But can be used for any clan, sence the clan name is not spamed every where. This is a great
TFFA as well as FFA. The purpose of this map was made for training, that both Twist and I, like to focus on.  Theres Event Rooms, Main TFFA Rooms
NPC Aiming Rooms, Dodge and evade rooms, and alot more. Any questions on any of this training for your clan, or even your self you can contact
Twist-  There are a few secret rooms on this map, some are easier then others. Thank you for downloading. Any Questions,
or comments, contact ether me or Twist.

BUGS: None known.

COMMENTS: I hope you enjoy this map as many have. RIP Prophet <3 Maybe dead, but never forgotten.


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