Hello folks, I've got SithLord223's next 'creation' for you all!

So what is it this time? Luke Skywalker with everything but his face tur...


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Hello folks, I've got SithLord223's next 'creation' for you all!

So what is it this time? Luke Skywalker with everything but his face turned into either a brightly colored gradient, or a rainbow kind of pattern slapped on. The face, when looking at it up close, looks like someone scribbled all over the face after spilling various substances on it first. From a distance, though, the effect actually looks kinds cool to me, reminds me of something I would see in a Sith-themed skin.

All in all, low quality. To the author: Seriously, try some real skinning instead of making these random skins. As for everyone else, give it a download if you like it.

Oh yeah, and this overwrites Luke.


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--------Welcome to SithLord223s Ugly and Disgusting Mods--------
                  Episode II.
             Luke Just Got Owned for more information.
Wormy (Luke) has been bored on tatooine, so decided to paint his walls with psychedelic colors.
However, to our amusement, he tried to glue the paint can to the ceiling while he was painting.
He glued it upside down.
Not smart, huh? The paint fell all over him.
Wormy is now psychedelic, instead of his wall.
Aunt Beru calls, and says "LUKE! Have you been eating too many of those 'shrooms Shmi used to pick lately?
Or am I tripping? Because, Man, your all rainbow and stuff...." Wormy (Luke) answers: Bubba bobba hob hobha wawa! [Luke is too 
retarded to answer] [Translation: I swam in a paint bucket, while eating shrooms like popcorn.... and drinking a can of corn...
CHUG THAT CORN, MAN!] Unfortunately, Wormy (Luke) fell asleep. In his sleep, along came a baby, and colored all over his face
with a marker, (We all know the story about the Chiss, by now, dont we? Lets see... Ryojin knows it all! Ask him what happened,
that Chiss is still in the ER... but to make a long story short, a leopard ate Microsoft Paint, threw up, and died on the skin,
after which a baby came and colored all over its face.... poor Chiss.) Anyway, it seems Wormy (Luke) has been caught up in a similar
ordeal... lets hope that paint isnt toxic... (or the stupid mushrooms for that matter...) otherwise luke, and that Chiss,
whos name is Hairball by the way, (DONT ASK, Im not his mom, I would have named him something better!) might be roommmates very soon. 
In an Emergency Room.
To install this barf-inducing skin of destruction, 
Step 1. submit thy bandwidth, or suffer total destruction.
Step 2. Stick it in thy jedi academy army BASE of doom folder. (Aka base folder)
Step 3. If you dont know step three, GTFO of the internet, before you kill somebody. BUt just to make sure you dont,
Step 4. You can guess*
*fine print: There is no step 4. Man you are gullible. 
Step 5: Skipped.
Step 6: Since I skipped step 5, this can be counted as such. 
Step 6: Get on the comments and say whatever.
"This level was made by a bunch of flying monkeys who got high, 
distributed by a whacked-out chick from Chicago who has sociopathic tendencies, 
and is supported by the only village idiot in the village, 
but LucasArts, Raven Software, and Activision didn't make it, don't pass it around, and would tell you to go dive off a cliff if you asked them for tech support!" 

Disclaimer 2: I do not support the eating of shrooms, nor any other drug, drugs can be dangerous to your health,
and everyone around yous health, and they are against the law to posess or use. I condemn the use of drugs.

Disclaimer 3: There is no disclaimer 3.

Disclaimer 4: I was not serious about the whacked out chick from Chicago, although I know quite a few
whacked out chicks from Chicago, and other places, and quite a few whacked out chicks from chicago with
sociopathic tendancies as well, but none of them were involved in the making of this level/mod/skin/flying purple hippopotamus.
I furthermore do not live in a village, but even if I did, the only village idiot would not support it,
Thank you, SithLord223s usless mods industries, have a nice day.

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