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Before I even START the review, the author must understand that the following comments aren't born from a deep-seated hate of you - I don't...


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Before I even START the review, the author must understand that the following comments aren't born from a deep-seated hate of you - I don't even know you. ;) I guess this isn't really a review, it's more of a beginners mapping lesson, but I'll review what little of the map I could make out. :) If you want to improve your next map I'd suggest you first of all, use textures that work, or if you have to use custom textures, make sure you include them in your .pk3 in the /textures folder. Most of the textures don't show up ingame because they aren't in the pk3. What's more, even if the textures HAD shown up, you'd have had a big mismatch of texture paths from the different maps you've moved them from. This custom texture tutorial should help you out. Secondly, you've committed what most mappers consider to be the equivalent of mapping suicide when it comes to skyboxes. Instead of using 6 big images, you need to use the skybox shader, as shown Here. I also suggest you take a look around the other basic tutorials there, as they will help you greatly with your next map.

The room that was most complete looked like it could have been a nice room, but unfortunately... I couldn't really make much out as practically none of the textures showed up ingame, so I can't really comment on the style, ambiance or brushwork. There was one room which had a visible floor but that was about it. At least you can hear the music ;) Anyways, brush up on those tutorials, open up GTK and have another go - I'm sure your next attempt will be much better :) Oh, and make sure to include bot support in any future releases!

New Textures: No New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Download 'pugsrealm.zip' (2.72MB)

Pug's realm, by Pugwarrior

email: earthwj@hotmail.com
Just place the pk3 file in base. HAHAHAH! I am the all-knowing PUG!!!
Copyright by lucasarts blah blah blah...
buy all their games, whatever keeps me from getting sued.
Take the pk3 file out of base
A basic map where you start out in a hub world where scoobie doo snacks are huge and dog bones
hover over you, if you look around, you'll find a platform with an arrow pointing up, jump on 
the platform, and it brings you to the bar, in the bar, there are a couple of bactas, and shields
if you go out the door, it brings you outside to foor doorways, exept they are no ordinary doorways.
Step through the farrest one, and you'll end up on a beach with two chairs and two beerglasses,
take the teleport back and you end up back at the hub world (as do every portal back)
Next, go to the second farthest portal and you'll end up in space with a floating bone duel ring
(I'm a pug, what did you expect?) in the base, there are a couple of crates, and tables, along
with the portal back to the hub world. Now, go to the second closest and you'll end up in a big
duel arena with what seems like a giant pipe going into the cieling, take one step onto the pipe
and be flung up to the spectating area, now you know that the cieling was one-way glass :)
BUT, its not over! Be the first one to find the secret rancor spawner 0.0
Take the teleport back to the hub world and go through the closest teleport. You'll end up in
a jumping-training-center-thingy. And the teleport back is all the way on the other side!, be sure
not to fall though, or face the wrath of acid!(OMG) Thats basically it, other than the rancor spawner
there are no secrets.
If you jump over the door from the outside, you'll fall onto my poorly made skybox
If you know any bugs, dont just send me and email saying, "FIX TEH BUGS!" Tell me what
type of bugs and if you can, what I can do to patch that up. Enjoy!

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