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The Pure Breed Shadow Blader is back! This time for v2, the skin has been given a major visual overhaul and looks very different than the or...


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The Pure Breed Shadow Blader is back! This time for v2, the skin has been given a major visual overhaul and looks very different than the original. So let’s have a look at the changes!

First off, like I said above, it is evident that there have been big changes made to the look of the skin. The textures all seem to be different, and rather than the armour plate effect that the last skin had this appears to be more like chain mail. The skin is still as scary as ever though, especially the faceplate, which appears to have a ghostly grey face textured on it. Man that gave me the creeps! :P

The skin also comes in two flavours this time, one with a jetpack and the other without. Both versions have team skins also, which I will now move onto. When I reviewed the original version I noted that the colouring on the team skins was a little too subtle, and it wasn’t easy to tell them apart sometimes. On this version the team colours are much stronger, but aren’t ‘in your face’. Instead they have only been applied to certain areas of the skin only, which is still subtle, but much easier to tell the team skins apart than it was last time.

This skin pack also comes with the added bonus of some new sabers and saber files. They are selectable from the saber menu screen as either ‘Cross’ or ‘Champion’. There are two versions of each of these sabers, each with different characteristics, including: Knock back effects, longer blades, duel wield staff sabers and a version that makes the user move slower, but makes the attacks more powerful.

Now onto the areas that could be improved upon.

To be honest there aren’t that many things that I can think of that could be improved. The skins have NPC, Team and Bot support, along with some cool new sounds and taunts. Probably the main thing that I think could be changed was the skin textures. I feel some of the textures were a bit too heavily patterned, and could have been cleaner and simpler like the original. However, that is really just my personal taste, so I can’t really say that it is something that should or shouldn’t be done for next time.

Other than that I would suggest maybe making some custom sword hilts for the character, since using a lightsaber doesn’t seem to fit that well with the theme of the character.

Overall though good work again here! If you guys like the look of these skins, then give them a download! :)

New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes NPC Support: Yes Team Support: Yes


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Download 'newpureblader.zip' (9.26MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Pure Breed Shadow Blader
E-MAIL: matt_hayes_gd@yahoo.com
WEBSITE: http://dyyor.deviantart.com

FILENAME: NewPureBlader.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 11-20-2008

-<TR>-Tiri for his Cross saber found here: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Cross;21402.
RaSiN HeCk for his Master Chief skin found here: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Master_Chief;28333.
-[KR]-Aayci Warrick for the new sounds.

Unzip the .zip folder and place the .pk3 in your gamedata/base folder.

A redesign of my previous Shadow Blader, this time with 2 different skin choices, one that has a jetpack, and one without. Still team support, but now has new sounds, NPC files, Saber files, and bot support.

To spawn the NPCs included in this file, in the console type /NPC spawn and the names below.///

An NPC that uses the Stouker Concussion Rifle, very hard to kill without help.

As the name suggests uses melee, relatively simple to kill.

Uses dual Desann sabers, as well as the Desann fighting style, semi difficult.

Uses single Desann saber and Desann fighting style, same difficulty as the Dual.

The same as the previous Dual using NPC, but much more aggressive and a lot more difficult to kill. Similar in difficulty as the Desann NPC.

Same as the previous, but uses single Desann.

Exactly like the other Dual Agressive but with one little catch, it uses dual Shadowdarts_blade2 {mentioned below}, slow to move but very difficult, even harder to kill than Desann.

Same as above, but uses Single Shadowdarts_blade2.

I Decided not to include an NPC of the ShadowBlade wielder, by far more difficult.

I strongly discourage spawning more than one Agressive, trust me, more than you can handle, i found that only dual ShadowBlade sabers stood even a slight chance. Same goes for the Concussion NPC.

To use these sabers open console and type the names below.///

Added speed as well as a knockback effect, extra damage and dual useable.
Staff Style
Single Style is red.

Much like the other one, but makes the user slower.
Staff Style
Single Style is red.

An adaptation of -<TR>-Tiri&apos;s Cross saber, longer blades and same effects/abilities as Shadowdarts_blade.
Staff Style 4 Blades
Single Style is red.

Same as the first but normal speed.
Staff Style 4 Blades
Single Style is red
The multiple bladed spawns&apos; saber colors are random for some reason, other than that nothing.

I would like to thank -[KR]-Jawfin from Knights Reborn clan for his assistance in the final creation of the previous version of this skin as well as this new one. 

I would like to thank -[KR]-Aayci Warrick from Knights Reborn clan for his assistance in the creation of the new sounds for this model. The sounds are my voice, distorted by an audio editing program.

I would like to thank RaSiN HeCk for his Master Chief skin, which was the base of both versions of this skin.

I would like to thank -<TR>-Tiri for his Cross saber.

And finally i would like to thank my fellow Knights Reborn clan members for all the support and opinions they have given throughout the development of this skin.

Last thing i will mention: if anybody is unhappy with the sounds of this skin, I am very sorry. 
Depending on how often its mentioned I might post a remake of its sounds.


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