=PX= Galactic Zoo

This map =PX= Galactic Zoo, was submitted by =PX=RaVer.

This map is exactly what it states.. a zoo of sorts. Inside, you will find lower...


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This map =PX= Galactic Zoo, was submitted by =PX=RaVer.

This map is exactly what it states.. a zoo of sorts. Inside, you will find lowered areas containing rancors, wampas, umm.. those lizard things, and mine monsters. The author has put buttons above where you can "feed" the animals... the food is jawas and people. Once you get down below in this map, you find two mine monsters that you can ride.. actually, have to ride to get to the other area. So, you hop in ur bug, and go in a small opening in the wall being careful not to fall off the walkway. In the next room, are the same creatures that are all rideable.

The author has added some new textures, mainly in the form of text. New music has been added as well. This is the authors first map and being so, it looks it. I found z-fighting in afew areas, overlapping textures are a no no. Some textures seam blurry maybe due to fitting. The map itself I think is a fun idea, and the mine monsters are really cool. A version two with some of these things fixed, along with alot more detail and better lighting would make this map alot better.


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Title : =PX= Galactic Zoo
Author : =PX=RaVer
E-Mail : pxraver@philwareinc.com 

File Version: 1.0
File Name(s) :


---Description : A nice Zoo map that I decided to do in order to learn to use GTK Radiant.  The map features an
outside area, an indoor Zoo, and an 'Underground' area just for fun.  There are buttons outside the 'Animal Pens'
for you to press in order to feed the 'animals'.  Oh, and downstairs is a place with a few animal vehicles
you can use just to horse around with, and a place that can be used for 'Jousting' while on Tauntauns or
Rancors.  That's right, AmosMagee, I said Rancors.  Please find it in your heart to forgive me. . .

---Additional Information :

Ok, I admit it.  This is sort of my first map for Jedi Academy.  You can probably see that from the general
design of the whole thing.  But it has a few nifty features that I think you will find interesting.  For one,
my friend =PX=RaNTeR's 'Mine Monster Pack' was included, which features npc's of several 'New Species' of
mine monsters.  My friend was also nice enough to supply me with the vehicle for the Mine Monster that he
made.  Anyway I enjoyed making this map, and even though it is a bit small, I hope you will enjoy it for its
atmosphere.  :)

Thanks again to =PX=RaNTeR (although I didn't quite get to crediting the way I wanted to in the map) for his
Mine Monsters and for helping me through the overall creation of this map.

Oh, and on a final note, I DID HEED THE VEHICLE WARNING.  Because this map introduces 2 new vehicles, there
are 2 PK3's in here.  One is the map, and the other is the 2 extra vehicles, so you can decide whether or not
to add them yourself.  There, now I think I deserve a cookie.

---About the Mine Monsters

I personally think they look kind of strange, but anyway, to use the NPC's that accompany this map,
make sure cheats are on (with Devmap, or possibly a mod) and then use these commands in the console:

/npc spawn minemonsterp_a
/npc spawn minemonsterp_b
/npc spawn minemonsterp_c
/npc spawn minemonsterp_d

Each one refers to a different type, which =PX=RaNTer made for a project which is still under development.

* Map Information * 

Bot Support: Not yet (as soon as I learn how )
New Textures: Yes!
New Music: Yes!
New sounds: Not really, just the ones from the Mine Monsters
New Models: Yeah, I guess the Mine monsters count for this

Game types are Duel, FFA, and Team FFA

* How to install * 

Just put the pk3's in GameData\base in your game directory

* How To Uninstall *

Read "How to install" backwards.  Oh, and once you do that, take our these 2 pk3's from your
GameData\base folder.


* Copyright / Permissions * 
Other editors may not use this map as base for other maps using reverse decompile methods.

Sorry guys, I am obliged to do that, or else I shall face the wrath of my fellow clan members. . .
and I really don't want to go into that dark closet again. . . . . . soooo cooold. . . .

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