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I haven't seen a lot of saber trail mods in my day, but generally when you get one they're flames, right? Well this one's no different.



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I haven't seen a lot of saber trail mods in my day, but generally when you get one they're flames, right? Well this one's no different.

Well, I shouldn't say it's "no different" because I have no previous experience with flame trails to base it on. Here we have trails for each color saber, as well as the sword trail. What I like best is the author didn't go over the top. The trails look very nice for each saber, and they're not solid colors. He's mixed in a little orange here and there, as well as some other complimenting colors for each saber color. The sword trail is also nice, because it is subdued and not a big bright flame.

Now supposedly this mod has JA+ support as well, but seeing as I don't have/use JA+ I wasn't able to test that. It works fine in base JK3, so I'm assuming the JA+ version works fine as well.

If you're looking for a trail mod to spice up your game, or just like flames as the author seems to, have a look at this mod. I'm sure it definitely has that flair that some people are looking for.


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===Jeid  Academy Mod===


Filename: Pyro's Saber Mod
FileSize: 323KB
Date Released: saturday july 9th 2005 

Credits:chewy for his fire saber mod inspired me and i took his idea and brought it to the next level and also brought it to ja+.
also slider for helping mne with pk3 issue

there are 2 parts to this mod one is for base jka and one is for JA+
the first one for base jka changes the default colors to flame sabers they all are modified to have a fire feel the have a flame trail the color of the saber with some dorange an yellow mixed in the end result is verry nice in my opinion

installation: is simple just put the "pyro's saber mod.pk3" in you jedi academy base folder

choose any of the default colors
sword trail becomes fire as well looks nice


the second part is for JA+ this will change the some what lame 'flame2' in the RGBcolor selection to my mod this makes it posible to have any color saber and use my mod

instalation: put the .PK3 named "Pyro's JA+ saber mod.pk3" in the folder containing the ja+ client side plugin if ja+ is installed prperly on your computer it should be in LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\japlus but i noticed some people do not have the plugin in that location in this case put it where you plug is loaced

now to use it in the game just use it as you would the flame 2 trail in ja+ also this allows the sabercolor cmds to work with my mod also changes the back saber trail to fire

inspred by chewys fire saber mod credit goes to him
also slider for helping me improve the mod thanks!


default colors


sword and black


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