PZ - Scherzo For Lightsabre And Orchestra

I do believe this is the most a duel music mod has ever intrigued me. I enjoy a lot of John Williams' work, but it does get boring to hear...


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I do believe this is the most a duel music mod has ever intrigued me. I enjoy a lot of John Williams' work, but it does get boring to hear Star Wars track after Star Wars track. So it's nice to see some Indiana Jones thrown together and put on this site. But it's not just a track from a CD. The author actually took the time to mix three clips together to make a unique music track that *gasp* actually loops well! The music doesn't just cut off at the end, or fade out like so many others do. It's an almost seamless transition back to the beginning of the song.

I'm quite impressed with what was done here. Not only was it done well, the music chosen is perfect for a duel and doesn't lose or gain too much tempo or whatever (hey, I'm not a musician!). It's a good pace for a duel and stuff. Great work here and I'm very much looking forward to hearing the music you're putting together for Sith-J-Cull's upcoming map (which I can't WAIT to review). :D


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Download 'pzscherzoforlightsabreandorchestra.zip' (2.18MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Modification

Mod Name: PZ - Scherzo For Lightsabre And Orchestra (Duel Music)

Modder: Shawn Za'an II (a.k.a. Philbo Za'an a.k.a. God knows how many more)

Mod Type: Duel Mode Music Mod (if it's that hard to figure out)

Original CD Tracks: 
	John Williams - Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (Soundtrack) - Scherzo For Motorcycle And Orchestra
	John Williams - Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (Soundtrack) - End Credits (Raiders March)

Running Time: 2 mins, 23 seconds (2:23)

Quality: Super Duper? (Don't ask me, kids.)


Tools Used:     Creative Recorder v1.02
		Blaze Audio Wave Creator 3 Trial v3.1.0.47
		Ease MP3 Wav Converter v1.21

Working Time: You think I keep track of that stuff?

Filename: pzScherzoForLightsabreAndOrchestra.pk3

Size: 2,281,575 bytes (Ooh, big numbers.)


Installation:   Just drop the .pk3 into your base folder.  Make sure it's the only duel 
		music mod you've got in there, or you'll base will explode (that's what 
		they tell me, anyhow).  I know that the server needs to have the .pk3 
		if it's a pure server, dunno about others though.  (I try to stay out of 
		all this technical stuff.)  So just stick this in base and give it a try.
		(And if you just can't seem to hear it on the server, but are dying to hear
		some butt-kickin' Indiana Jones music, just go to the main screen of JA
		and type "/music music/mp/duel" in console.)

Uninstall: Take a wild guess. (That means, take the .pk3 out of base. Duh.)


Contact Info: 
	E-Mail: thepowerofhat@yahoo.com
	MSN Messenger: thepowerofhat@hotmail.com
	Phone Number: You wish. (Or DO you?)
	Clan: The Jedi Order - http://www.jedi-order.net/


= Personal Reflection (Awww...) =

Alright, alright. Call me an economist, but I'm one of those guys who can't stand illegal 
music downloads. Because being a semi-musician myself, and having done a bit of studying on 
the general subject, I've come to the conclusion that music isn't as easy as it looks. It 
comes naturally to some people, but there's a crapload of work that goes into it, and yadda
yadda blah blah et cetera et cetera. So here I've personally bought the soundtrack for
Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, which is definitely one of John Williams' best ever.
It's one of those soundtracks that you wish they'd re-release with every bit of music from 
the movie, like they did for the Star Wars soundtracks. Unfortunately, this is the ONLY
soundtrack from the Indy movies I could get my hands on. (The Temple Of Doom soundtrack
is basically non-existent on CD save for some imports from Japan as far as I can tell, and
the Raiders soundtrack, though it was re-released in '95, is very rare I guess, is no
longer being produced, and the lowest price I could find on it was $25, which is pretty high
for a single CD.) So I figured long as I had this one, I might as well share bits and pieces
with the Jedi Knight community that I love so dearly. *sniffle* *tear*

And by bits and pieces, I mean you're not getting the actual tracks from the CD. Because as 
I can't stand illegal music downloads, I also can't bring myself to just hand you the songs
on a silver .pk3 party platter. So for this specific duel music thingy, I took parts of
Williams' "Scherzo For Motorcycle And Orchestra" from both the original track and the
version of it heard during the ending credits of the movie. And after quite a bit of fading,
mixing, amplifying, and testing, I've created what's basically a brand new version of the
song that you won't hear anywhere else. So if you want the original version, too bad. This
version loops better anyway, and is much more fitting as duel music. Enjoy!


= Who In The Bloody Hell Am I? =

Just a little about myself here, or somethin'. As I suggested up there at the top, most
everyone around here calls me Shawn Za'an II or Philbo Za'an, and I've got numerous other
names from role-playing and such. Of course, my real name's Clinton Kubat, resident of
the great nation of the U. S. of A.

Being an aspiring composer myself, I do a lot of studying of stuff from movies, games, and
the like. And obviously, I've gotten into music editing as well. So a lot of my studies are
gonna wind up turning into some nice duel music for the kids. Yaay for them.

I think I'm gettin' the hang of this editing thing (you can decide for yourself, I guess),
and hopefully I could get a job doing some stuff like this and get a little start on my
composing career. (It's either composing or some sort of psychology job, anyhow.) 

So uhh... I guess once I finish up college (I'm a senior in high school right now), I'll be 
jumping on the typical
psychologist/music-composer/music-editor/actor/voice-actor/writer/garbage-man bandwagon,
and if I'm lucky, you guys may get to see some of my work in action. (Better yet, if anyone
in the community has some true mental health problems, I could be your psychiatrist.)

Wish me luck in the future everybody, and keep an eye open for more of my work.


= Also See... =

Map Music:
	Chaos Tomb (for Chaos Varsil's duel map of the same name)


= Coming Soon =

Duel Music:
	Halo - Anthem For Saving The Galaxy
	Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade - Duel With The Steel Beast
	More Indiana Jones duel music.
	Some possible duel music from Stargate, Independence Day, Home Alone, Men In Black,
		Spider-Man, and whatever else I've got here that I may find useful.

Map Music:
	Jurancor Park - Not Endorsed (for Sith-J-Cull's "Jurancor Park" map)
	More stuff? (Any mappers out there looking for some music, feel free to come to me.)




You may use this mod for your own mod-making uses, PROVIDED that you include this readme 
file, AS WELL as e-mail me telling me that you used it. (Of course, if you're wanting some 
music like this for your own mods or something, I'd be more than happy to make some NEW 
stuff for you instead.)

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