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Well, we have some decent skins here, they are pretty well made, well textured and stuff :) They do have bot support and team skins which i...


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Well, we have some decent skins here, they are pretty well made, well textured and stuff :) They do have bot support and team skins which is cool, they could do with some custom sounds, maybe from the game or TV show, film or whatever they are in. I don’t really know much about the characters they represent :/ So I cant really comment on that. The one with the red cloak looks the best, although the cloak disapears when you look at it from the front :S These skins aren’t really my thing, but they’re still pretty well done, so if you know a bit more about the characters than I do, then they’re worth a download for you, theres plenty to choose from here! ;)

New Sounds: No Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes


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Download 'sakura.zip' (3.2MB)

Sakura Skin + Bots
Created by -QoF-Miki

Skin Origin: A more closer version of the Yuri Skin I made before. My 
Standard Skin in the QoF/KoF clan

Category: Clan Skins / Celebrities??

Skin Decription:

Well After my abysmal First Try at a skin with the Yuri one. I decided to 
try again using the Leela_Jedi as a model.  I Made sure this time to put 
more work into the face and the outfit so it will not look like Either Jan 
or Leela.  This time the Taunts do work.  There are Several Outfits about 5 
in all with Team Colors as well with entirely Diffrent Outfits for the Team 

Bot Description:
Since I based this on my Original Yuri Concept its Obvious that I include an 
Updated Version of the Yuri bot with her 'Twin' Sister Crystal with her.  
When they both are in the server not only will the avoid attacking each 
other, they will double team anyone who hurts either of them.  I beefed 
thier saber skill up pretty high so even skilled fighters have a problem 
beating them when they are fully empowered.  Also best not to give them 
guns, Crystal has a high accuracy rating, so if shes pissed off enough at 
you , She will blow your head off.

Instructions: Extract QofSakura.pk3 to your game Directory under 

Why I made this SKin:
Well After wearign the Yuri skin for so long I felt it was time for a new 
cute skin.. that would be sure to drive the guys up the wall.  (Yelling 
Kouchi! Kouchi! every now and then helps too lol)
At least with this one i have several diffrent outfites i can wear depending 
on my mood.  Of COurse my favorite one is The Standard Purple one without 
the Jacket and without the cloak.

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