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Here we have yet another map-pack from Jenova Rebirth, and this time he's attempting to replicate some old quake 3 arena maps for jk3. That...


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Here we have yet another map-pack from Jenova Rebirth, and this time he's attempting to replicate some old quake 3 arena maps for jk3. That being said, you can probably guess these maps are much better for guns-only matches ,due to height restrictions in many of the areas throughout both of the maps included in this pack. I haven't played quake 3 by the way, so I have no idea whether there are good replicas or not. ;)

Oh yeah, I have a personal request. Next time you make a map, could you possibly make the map filenames a little bit easier to remember? As they are, i had to check back like 4 times before i managed to load it in the console - just a thought. :) Oh yes, and you haven't caulked the outside of the maps, which will lower framerates...Onto the review then!

I'll start with the day-time one (I forget the exact name.) The major spoling point to this map is the missing textures you get as soon as you spawn in, on the archways. Unfortunately that really spoils any atmosphere and looks really ugly, so you have to fix that. Architecturally, It's good, although I imagine most of it came from looking at the original maps and isn't your own inspiration. The lighting and fire effects are nice as well, although sometimes the glow emitted is a bit too big for the source. I also really liked that big mouth - again not original, but still very cool-looking, oh, and the rain coming through the ceiling looks good, but doesn't really fit with a sunny sky ;) Ah yes, also, before I forget, the music is really :thumbsdown: and is just too repetetive and well... just not a good choice in my opinion.

The second map is really what the first should have been, but for the missing textures. Its surprisingly similar to the first map, architecturally, but is set in the evening, and has a different ambiance, more of a quiet feeling. The blue lights you can see around the level are great, but i noticed that many had no sources, so blue light appeared to be coming from nowhere. In other areas, white glow was coming from blue lights, and vise versa. I suggest you change the teleport texture too - it just doesn't look like a teleporter. :( Overall though, great pack, especially the second map - they both have bot support and unfortunately the same (awful) music, but I can see them being good fun to play guns in :)

New Textures: No New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Download 'q3_remakepk1_jr.zip' (4.52MB)

Qauke 3 Arena - Jedi Academy Arena - remakepk1 pack BY Jenova*Rebirth*

Installation :-

Place the q3_remakepk1_jr.pk3 in your game data/base fodler

Arena Gate - Quake 3 DM1 - The Yavin Effect by Jenova*Rebirth*

Info :- 
New music : Yes 
New textures : no
bot routes : yes


This is a re-creation of the quake 3 map q3dm1 Arena Gate.
I did my best to re-create it and it runs in ffa, duel and power duel.
Its a little out of scale with the original quake 3 map, its minutely
smaller in terms of corridor space, but the main outside and hall seem
to be rather close to the original maps size.

The Monsters mouth is a little buggy but nothing huge and noticeable.

I have placed JA weapons in the spots where the Quake 3 weapons were, 
and matched JA weapons as best I could to the Quake 3 weapons.

Ja rocket launcher where the q3 launcher was.
Ja Bow caster where the q3 Shotgun was.
JA repeater where the q3 plasma rifle was.
Thats all I remember. Shields and health are in same places also.

I have lit up the outside with a sun which casts the buildings shadow
onto the floor below, added a minor ambient lighting to help undarken 
it a little and add a bit of reality to the shadow, as no shadow 
is pitch black.

Then placed fire stands throughout the insides where they were in q3.
Made holes in cieling as appropriate to create more lighting effect.
I also added rain to the map for a bit more effect, and also the music
that was used for the q3 map is used here to keep to the original map 
a little.


Introduction Arena - Quake 3 DM0 - The Bounty Effect by Jenova*Rebirth*

Info :- 
New music : Yes 
New textures : no
bot routes : yes


This is the Introduction map for Qauke 3 arena that teaches you how to 
play quake 3 remade for jedi academy. It plays in FFA, duel and power 

This one is also a tiny bit out of scale but its just fine.

I have once again Placed weapons in the places they spawned in Quake 3
and tried to link the guns from quake 3 to any JA gun I thought was 
close to each.

This is set at midnight in a bounty theme, A moon shines a nice deep 
blue light upon the arena and allows the buildings to create a nice 
shadow. Lights are scattered throughout the inside area's to help 
light it up. 


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