Ah, nothing like a clan skin that doesn't feel the need to be so overt in it's clan declarations that it ends up ruining itself. Sweet. Subt...


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Ah, nothing like a clan skin that doesn't feel the need to be so overt in it's clan declarations that it ends up ruining itself. Sweet. Subtlety is the content developer's most effective weapon.

So, on the surface, it looks like a whitened Imperial Officer uniform, yes? Well, let me point out the 'glossy' shader that Apollyon mentions in the readme. Glossy is so the wrong word. It's much more like silk. Really, 'tis. And it doesn't look overdone to the point of spoiling the skin's appeal. Again, subtlety, which is considerably trickier to achieve with shaders, actually - finding the right balance isn't as easy as it sounds, you don't want the shader to be too heavy, but at the same time you don't want it to be not heavy enough. Madness! But yeah, as simple as the actual reskin itself is, the silk effect - very accurate, by the way, just the right amount of shine applied by the shader - makes it much more appealing than the default Raven skins created for the Imperial model.

Aside from the shader and the whiteness, there's not much else to the skin itself. Which is okay, I get the feeling there wasn't meant to be that much to it in the first place, so that it could be more useful for general purpose means. It does, however, have full support for bot, NPCs, and teams (which uses the default skins since they're basically red/blue versions of this anyway). Sadly Apollyon didn't apply the same silky shader to the Imperial model's default skins, would've been a nice upgrade to round it off. ;)

It's very very simple, and naturally the skin itself is really only as good as Raven's base textures for this particular model. The shader bakes the cake, though. Normally I'd say the shader does not make the skin, but in this case I'll make an exception because it is a very nice shader.

~ Kouen

Bot Profiles: Yes NPC Profiles: Yes Custom Audio: No Team Support: baseJA Red/Blue Variants

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Modification
TITLE**: Quantum
AUTHOR**: Apollyon
E-MAIL**: godeatgod.96@gmail.com
WEBSITE: ess.impulsegaming.net

FILENAME: zQuantum.pk3
FILESIZE: 1,114 kb
DATE RELEASED: June 8th, 2008

CREDITS**: Lucasarts & Ravensoft

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: extract the zip file to your gamedata/base directory

DESCRIPTION**: Custom skin using the Imperial model done fur mein klan Fuhrer. Although it's done for the founder of ESS, there are no real clan logos or names on it anywhere, so I suppose it's suitable for anyone to use if they like the looks of it.

I utilitized a slightly glossy shader on the uniform of the skin to give a pretty cool effect, in my opinion. You can see it in the screenshots, but it looks better in motion.

Bot Support
NPC Support
Raven Imperial Sounds
Team Suppoert - Default skin



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