Racoon's Shadow

Back have I become (yeah, yeah, it's not correct in any way, but humour me) and I doth dare present to ye all a Shadow of the Racoon sort....


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Back have I become (yeah, yeah, it's not correct in any way, but humour me) and I doth dare present to ye all a Shadow of the Racoon sort. I'm sure some of you are, at this point, thinking something along the lines of "wait, what?" Am I right? I'm right, aren't I? Feels good to be right... Oh, I do so love the feeling. But, once again, I'm rambling. Let me clarify. See, this is a Shadowtrooper made by one who goes by the name of Racoon94. Since when did parents start naming their kids with numbers, anyway? I mean, Starshine I can understand, but naming my kid Jose22, well, that's just... strange. Anyway, the changes. Here I go.

Parts of the armour, belt and eyes have been dyed red, there's "Death.." written on both sides of his torso and the words "Killer" and "relliK" now adorn the sides of his helmet. And... we're done.

Now, I must say this, the changes are minor at best. A little red on the armour doesn't make much of a difference, but it may appeal to some of ye. It's simple, but it never claimed to be anything really effin' awesome. There's no bot nor NPC support and the sounds are those of thine standard trooper of the shadows, but it does have SP support, so that's a plus right there. I can't suggest many improvements, since this is, after all, a modification of a skin (yeah, yeah, I know), not an original beast. Just... make the coloring more precise, get some more support in there, make it more complete as a whole. I'm not saying it's bad, it's simple and sometimes it works, but as it is, it just doesn't do it for me. But it's time for me to get back in my own armour and get back on the field.

Where anything exists, nothing can ever be.

- Jose

Bot support: Nein NPC support: Nope Team support: Nada New sounds: Dream on SP support: Yay!

Racoon: Do package your files in zip format from now on, eh? And don't put the screenshots in there with the pk3. I cleaned it up for you this time, but I won't do it again.

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***Jedi Academy**

Title: Racoon's Shadow

Made by: Racoon94

E-mail: zabremaster@gmail.com

Filename: racoons_shadow
Size: 1,77 MB
Date: 06/11 2007

Credits: To Raven for making the game :D

Installation: Put the PK3 in your base folder.

Bugs: None i know of.

Description: A reskin of the original Shadowtrooper with SP support as well as hoth support. Yup you said it: HOTH SUPPORT! 

This is my first model so please be gentle with the comments :)

SP Support: Yes
Bot Support: No
Team Support: No
New Sounds: Standard Shadowtrooper sounds

Thanks for downloading! :)


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