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This little saber mod came to me as a pk3 inside a pk3, so I put it into a zip before hosting it here, I hope the author doesn't mind ;) Anyways, what does the Rage mod do? Well, for those who haven't already ready the readme, this is a saber mod, and like so many others I have seen, It is good, but not amazingly good. I hate writing reviews about perfectly good mods, but the problem is it's been done before. Sure, the saber's are sharper and thinner, yes, the glow's are a little nicer (Despite losing a little colour) but it's just not that original.

However, this mod also includes another little tweak to the game, which IS original and I definitely like it. I just find it a pity that it doesn't affect the sheild when you first spawn. :( Anyways, this mod changes the colour of your sheild (C'mon, you know what I mean - that nasty horrible jagged green thing that appears whenever you get hit?) and also the way it looks. Instead of that emerald green, it's now a rather fetching shade of blue, which is a big improvement in my opinion. However, like I said before, the invincibility shield you have when you first spawn is still ugly green, pity the author couldn't change this :(

Oh yeah, one more thing. The new sounds are pretty sweet, sounds like they come straight from the movie, but the downer is that they can become noticeably repetetive and are slightly too loud.

So yeah, overall this mod gets a thumbs up from me :thumbsup: Well Done!

~Szico VII~





What it does:

when you get hit and have shields, instead of the shield showing as green, rather it will show as a nice shade of blue; saber cores are thinner, and all the same size;
saber glows are shaded a little nicer then the games shades, but no colors are changed; the saber's blur no longer is white, it is now the color of the saber you use; saber sounds have been changed to make it more like starwars sounds. 

Additional Information:

How to make this mod work everywhere


Extract ragemod.pk3 from the ragemod.zip file. Put the ragemod.pk3 file in the Base directory located under: ../../Gamedata/Base. 
Make sure this is the only mod in your base folder that modifies the above things.

To uninstall simply delete this file from your base folder.

Known Bugs:



Thank you for downloading my file, for ideas or ways to make it better check out my contact information below.
This mod does not include any new moves or things that will mess with the gameplay in any shape or form. 
If you want to use any of the things in this mod for your own mod, please ask.



Contact Information (Subject to change):

EMAIL: [email protected]
MSNM: [email protected]
AIM: bzgshad
ICQ: 213230738
XFire: bzgshad

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