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I'm not going to bother completely re-reviewing this map, since so little has changed. I'm actually rather disappointed, because th...


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I'm not going to bother completely re-reviewing this map, since so little has changed. I'm actually rather disappointed, because this map needed a lot of work and the author completely ignored most of the suggestions he was given. As such, this is still a very sloppily-made -- albeit now functioning properly -- map.

I'm a big fan of Mario Kart, despite the fact that I neither own it (frown) nor am I skilled at it. This map is a recreation of the Rainbow Road track. It's been quite some time since I've played Mario Kart, so I can't even remember if I ever played this track, but I did manage to find a couple of pictures of it and there are a couple of things I feel I should say about it.

Well, this is a rainbow-colored track with a starry backdrop that loops over every which way, and has the checkered starting line. That's about as far as my pros extend, unfortunately. From a distance it looks like what it's supposed to. From up close several things pop into mind. Firstly, both the brush work and texture application are sloppy to say the least. Where the track curves, many of the brushes stick out at one side. Also the author didn't rotate the texture to follow the track, as far as I can tell, so sometimes the rainbow striping is actually parallel to the track rather than perpendicular as it should be.

Speaking of the rainbow striping, according to my screenshots that's not quite what the track should actually look like. From what I can see it's zig-zaggy with whitish portions in between (correct me if my references are off). As such it seems the author took the "easy" way out by just finding a stock rainbow pattern to use.

My last couple of complaints are that the "railing" I see in my references is missing from the track, the skybox doesn't quite fit (a custom skybox would've worked wonders -- the nebulas kind of make it look silly) and if you fall off the track, there seems to be an invisible lava layer at the bottom, which kind of baffled me. So don't fall off! However it seems to me like the author used the SP swoop instead of the MP swoop. Result: textureless swoops. Not really thinking ahead -- SP swoops will only work in SP, but MP swoops will work in both. Food for thought.

Bot Support: No! (don't even try it) New Models: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes

Changes include proper and respawning swoops, and no more lava. Not really worth a new version, in my opinion, since the massive amount of brushing issues have not been addressed at all.


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Download 'rainbow_road_v1.5.zip' (6MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE**: Rainbow Road V1.5
AUTHOR**: Omegasigma

FILENAME: rainbow.pk3 
FILESIZE: 5,978 kb (5.70 MB)
DATE RELEASED: 16 April 2007

CREDITS**: Nintendo for making mario Kart 64

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Place rainbow.pk3 into the base folder in JKA

DESCRIPTION**:This is an updated version of the race track for jedi knight academy, rainbow road, it features fixed
swoops which respawn, and no more lava, Allow 5 seconds for swoops to spawn, they will once destroyed respawn after
5 seconds.

BUGS: None to my knowlage


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