Rancor Spaceport

This is probably my favorite of Sith-J-Cull's maps, so far. Rancor Spaceport combines wampas, rancors, taun tauns and swoops for some very...


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This is probably my favorite of Sith-J-Cull's maps, so far. Rancor Spaceport combines wampas, rancors, taun tauns and swoops for some very interesting gameplay. My only suggestion is that you make sure you're well-armed before pressing ANY buttons. ;)

You'll find about three different ships that are just there for decoration. The map is apparently Tatooine-flavored. There are plenty of weapons around and many gun turrets for you to operate. Trust me, you'll be thankful for them once someone releases the four rancors waiting to maul you. Your options for transportation include swoops and taun tauns. I had to go with the taun taun - they're so freakin' cute! My taun taun bravely ran up the steps, but I think his bravery was more like ignorance. He didn't know there was a wampa waiting around the corner! Neither did I. Thank goodness for those big boulders in the corner. There was also a swoop in the room with the wampa. When he couldn't get to me and I ran past the swoop - the wampa attacked the vehicle! But my poor taun taun was also a victim. :( Like the coward that I am, I killed the wampa from afar. I scare too easily when it comes to rancors and wampas! You should see me playing SP games ... I jump at my own shadow! LOL

I really hate that I can't add any of Sith-J-Cull's maps to my server. My FPS again was way too low for me to play. I, like, got motion sickness after playing his three maps. I suppose I could turn down my graphics, but darn it all to heck! Anyway, the author definitely has an eye for design and he knows how to make the gameplay fun. I just wish the FPS was higher.

Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA


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	*** RANCOR SPACEPORT      ***
	***    by Sith-J-Cull	  ***

MAPNAME : 	rancorspaceport

Description : 	This map was made due to my love of tatooine as seen in the movies.  I like using swoops and tauntauns as it
		adds a bit of depth to a map, and although inspired by tatooine, the map isnt based on any particular set seen
		in the films.  Lots of places to hide and snipe and nice open spaces for a good old frag.

Installation : 	Extract and drop the pk3 file into your star wars jedi academy base folder!

Usage : 	Select from the ingame menu using the levelshot

New textures : 	No
New music :	No
bot support :	No

E - mail : 	feel free to e-mail me with comments - jamestculley@hotmail.com

Date Released : 13/12/03


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