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What's the one thing I'm always complaining about with things like Jaden and Reborn reskins? Er, maybe you guys had better not answer that...


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What's the one thing I'm always complaining about with things like Jaden and Reborn reskins? Er, maybe you guys had better not answer that. What I was thinking was that people love to reskin those models and name them whatever, but they never change the face! If you dress somebody up, they're still the same person underneath it all right? Well finally someone apparently agreed with me! Jaden's got a new face, yaaaay!

I like skins like this. Y'know, where there are actually new textures instead of just recoloring the old ones. Jaden's got a brand new suit, and she's ready to show it off in the species menu. I might've gone about this differently (probably would've added them all as variations of the original Jaden model to increase the mix'n'match aspect) but the way it's set up is fine. It adds a new character to the species selection with one head option, three torso options, and two leg options. That's... uh... six different possible skins, right? Math isn't my strong point, but you get the idea. The clothing seems to be entirely new, as far as I can tell, and includes three vested torsos (white, blue, and red shirts underneath) and what appears to be a brown pair of pants and a grey pair. Gives just enough ability to mix it up to make it worthwhile to have in case you don't like the default version (which can of course be chosen from the icon selection screen).

So my qualms... yes, my qualms. I don't have too many, as I've made a nearly identical skin myself in the past. It's simple, it's new, and it works. I might've gone a little bit farther and tried finding some custom sounds (sorry Jen, but your Jaden is kinda sucky...) but they're really not necessary unless you're tired of hearing them. I did want to also take a minute to mention the sword that's been included. It's a vast improvement over some of the author's previous models -- it's sized much better and simply seems as if the author's skills have taken off in the right direction. The texturing is good, although I think it can certainly be better with more practice, and the polyflow is for the most part fairly efficient. The design's a little weird, but I kinda like it, so... :p

Not a bad set of skins, and a bonus model to boot! Another one for the ladies out there, or for guys who want to be girls for some reason. Grab it up now if you're looking for a decent female skin.

Team Support: Yes Bot Support: No NPC Support: No New Sounds: No


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Download 'rapps_skins.zip' (3.47MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Rapp's Skins
AUTHOR: Rapp_scallion 
E-MAIL: fluter1090@hotmail.com 

FILENAME: rapps_skins 
DATE RELEASED: February 16, 2008

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Put rapps_skins.pk3 in your base folder.

DESCRIPTION: This is a reskin of the female human Jaden model. Now she's sporting some piratey-duds! There is 1 head option, 3 torso variations, and 2 leg variations. There is also a sword to go with the skins that was based on some random picture I found online that I thought was pretty. All of the textures are new, and the skin has SP and team support, and the sword has SP support as well.

COMMENTS: I started this project with the idea that I would reskin each variation of the female Jaden model, but, well, that didn't happen. Jaden just isn't a very piratey woman. The one I did finish, however, I liked, and adopted it as my personal skin. So I thought I'd be nice and share it. :)

PERMISSIONS: If anyone would like to use this skin for any mod or borrow textures, or anything like that, please ask for permission. You can reach me at the above email. But don't worry, I'm not mean. ;p


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