So like, some of the best skins out there aren’t necessarily done by the best Photoshopist but instead by the most creative authors. Here w...


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So like, some of the best skins out there aren’t necessarily done by the best Photoshopist but instead by the most creative authors. Here we have Rikutian, whose work I have seen in the past. He’s not the most talented out there, but he does have some clever ideas up his sleeves. This happens to be one of them.

Here we have an armored Desaann thing. I don’t really know what it is, but it just looks really cool, and in this case that’s enough to matter. The armor is detailed, and the head looks pretty nifty, too. It altogether just came as a nice, pretty cool skin to use. It’s a change of pace from the normal “oober ninja reborn haxor” skins that we get.

Rik has also done some team colors on these. The red one, I have to say, is quite nice. The red and silver blends well. However, the blue one is a bit weird. The metal is a bit too tinted to look quite right, but I’m not sure if it could have been done in any other way. A metallic shader also seems to spice things up a bit, keeping this from being bland and boring.

The skin also packs some sounds on it. While the actually dialogue contained in them is… well, weird, they are nice, crisp, clean, and match the skin’s overall appearance. They aren’t muffled, and they are in a decent variety. While the skin isn’t packed with Bot Support, I think that the sounds easily do their job in the extras category, and make this a good skin on the overall look.

Team Colors: Yupper Bot Support: No New Sounds: Yes


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Description: A Saurian warrior with protective armor, The spike colors have been changed for each skin (Red and Tan for default, All red for Red Team, and Blue + Tan for blue team.) The blue team skin has the Chinese symbol for power if you get it into the light. There is tribal paint on either cheek (Or blood, whichever floats your boat).

Place KOR_Raptus in your gamedata/base directory.

Skin information; Author of Saurianlord; Gollum(Dementia), + Ball of Justice

Skinned into Raptus + KOR_Raptus; Rikutian ([JsR]Kit Fisto)

Credits: Thank you Gollum, Aaron Smith (Quinlan Vos) and Ball of Justice, you really have skill, all my testers (You know who you are).

(E-Mail; Rikutian@hotmail.com <--- Is also MSN messenger screenname.)

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