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Here we have a model of Rachet and Clank and its ---... you don't know who Rachet and Clank are? Well, neither did I to be honest. After Googling up the names I realised that there's a PS2 and a PS3 game on them!(d'oh)

Anyway, Rachet is a very large rabbit/hare/cat (? :P) and Clank is a small little robot who, by looking at the pictures, seems to always be on his back o_O

To the model! The model of Rachet seems similar with only a few dismatches. The ears seem too wide and the tail seems like a very large acorn. The trousers also seem a bit too baggy. The model of Crank seems similar also but my only concern is that his wings are a tad too big, but that's just from looking at two pictures, perhaps I'm wrong.

The textures! Crank - The metallic texture seems too white, almost plastic. If the texture was darker and there were shaders added to it then, in my opinion, it would look better. The eyes match but I think they could have had shaders added to them also. The red antenna(?) is good looking enough but a shader/dyn. glow would have made it look better.

Ratchet - The textures look similar but some are too light, for instance the skin. What should be a light brown is a peachy/light orange colour. His stripes which should be a dark brown are a dark orange colour. The gloves should look more like leather and the trousers would have been better as an almost solid turquoise/light blueish colour. The feet seem pretty close but a bit too light in colour

Blue Team

Crank - Same Ratchet - The skin could be better, quite a bit better. The outer green colour on his overalls should be a light green/turquoise and in this model it is a darker green with a lot of dark dash lines going all around it. The inner black colour has some details missing from the game pictures and the model of it could have been improved. His gloves and helmet remain brown which should be black I presume? His goggles are an almost solid orange-brown.

Red Team

Crank - Not used Ratchet -

the red skin is a COMBINATION of the Marauder and Liberator armors from Deadlocked...with a slightly modified paint scheme...clank is not on this versions back because he didnt travel with you in deadlocked.

I was unable to find a good source to check what this looked like compared to the game so I can't really point out mismatches etc. But, like the other two colour skins, this would probably have a few areas to fix.

Bugs: Refer to the read-me for the bugs.

All in all it is a good looking model and the model itself is accurate. The textures/skins could be improved quite a bit and some shadering, especially on Clank, would also be a good addition. So... if you are a fan of Ratchet and Clank or just like the look of the model, give it a download! File size seemed to be a bit larger than normal o_O

- Dommie Kun

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Ratchet and Clank v1
AUTHOR: DarkLordXana   a.k.a DarkLordXana
E-MAIL: [email protected]
WEBSITE: http:www.deepground.987mb.com
FILENAME: rc.pk3
FILESIZE: about 16.5 mb
DATE RELEASED: August 13, 2008

CREDITS: Myself, Botdra for the awsome metal textures, Juggernut for his help on shaders (i still 

dont have them working yet), SithDagger and Ian McConville for the moogle model i used as a base 

for the head and torso.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: simply extract the pk3 from the zip file then insert it into your base 


Included in the pk3 are blank uv maps found in the model folder...these can be used to create you 

own skins froms scratch.

DESCRIPTION: this is ratchet and clank...there are three versions the default skin is basically the 

default ratchet from the first game...the blue skin is the out fit he wears in Going Commando and 

the red skin is a COMBINATION of the Marauder and Liberator armors from Deadlocked...with a 

slightly modified paint scheme...clank is not on this versions back because he didnt travel with 

you in deadlocked.

BUGS: a few weighting bugs, and the shaders dont work i plan to v2 that eventually, also ratchet 

doesnt have eyelids....mainly cause i accidently go rid of them when setting up the moogle model to 

work off..ill include these later...im not sure if the mouth is rigged right so if any one uses 

this in single player and find weird things with the mouth let me know...preferrably with a 

screenshot as i cannot run single player due to some bugs on my computer...

COMMENTS: Use the blank uv maps and create you own custom deadlocked skins!

You can feel fre to reskin this model without my permission...and use it for other mods...so long 

as I am credited and this readme is included un-moddified.


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