Ravaged Jedi Pack 2: Wrath and Rage

Oh Boy Oh Boy, were finally back! Yessirry you heard me, were back! Yay! I think the only way to celebrate some as wonderful as this is to r...


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Oh Boy Oh Boy, were finally back! Yessirry you heard me, were back! Yay! I think the only way to celebrate some as wonderful as this is to review a GOOD SKIN PACK! Ok, now then, this skin pack was done by Ravage, who happens to be a great skinner. This skin pack includes skins for two different models, Qui-gon and Episode 1 Obi. There are a couple different skins for each model, including team colors. Before I continue, I think one important thing to point about this pack is that although some of these skins are similar, each one is slightly different, and not one seems to be a plain recoloration of another (each one has some new texture or part to it) which in my opinion is pretty hard with this many skin done by one person. Another thing I really like about this pack is the faces Ravage has made. They are easily some of the most realistic faces I've seen done. They all have a hard glint to their eye¡¦s along with facial hair including mustaches, Goatees, and scraggle :) As if this isn't enough this pack also includes some new sound which I want to say come from Warcraft 3 for some reason, although I'm really not sure. Anyways, I can't find any real problems with this skin pack, except perhaps that it make me green with envy that his work is so much better then mine, and that I can¡¦t figure out if he wanted this to be pack 1 or pack 2 (and if he did want this to be pack 2, where¡¦s pack 1!!) ƒº Oh BTW, I think he originally planned this pack for JK2, but it seems to work with JKA fine also. All in all, this is a complete pack and excellent quality. Rav, I really, really, really, really, reay look forward to seeing more work from you. ~DeathBringer })

New Sounds: Yes Team Colors: Yes Bot Support: Yes

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Download 'ravaged_jedi.zip' (7.52MB)


Title			: Ravaged Jedi Pack 2: Wrath and Rage          |
Author			: RaVage                                       |
E-Mail			: gabrielxgx@yahoo.com                         |
Website			: http://ravaged.250free.com/index.html        |
File Name		: ravaged_jedi.pk3 & ravaged_jedi2.pk3         |
File Size		: 4.4 MB & 2.8 MB                              |
Date Released		: 9/23/03                                      |
Description		: Reskin of the QuiGon and Ep1 Obiwan models.  |
Thanks to               : Amosmagee for sounds, Maddog for constructive| 
                          criticism, and ICoP for the good times that  |
                          kept me creative.                            |
How to install:                                                        |
Unzip the zip file into you base folder.                               |

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© 2002 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM or ® as indicated.
All rights reserved. Used under authorization.
LucasArts and the LucasArts logo are trademarks
of Lucasfilm Ltd.
© Raven Software LTD 2002, Activision

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