Raven Animation and Model Source Files (Part 3)



Here are some useful little utilities for those of you who mod. I'll let Razor Ace tell you a little about it:

Ok, I'd like to announce that we've gotten our hands on Raven's source files for all the JKA animations AND the source files for all the standard player models created by Raven. We're currently in the process of sorting thru all the data and getting it organized for release.

A big thanks to Keshire for talking Raven out of the files and then spending the time to organizing them.

This final package includes the Non Humanoid Models and Animations in XSI format.

This is part 3 of a 3 part series of animation and model files from Raven Software.




Jedi Academy Player XSI Files
May 3rd, 2004

These files are released "as is" and are unsupported by Raven Software, Activision or LucasArts.

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