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Control has always been one of the most important things for game servers back since the dawn of multiplay. I am reminded of the wonderful JK Kicker Helper back in the Dark Forces 2 days, one of the first helpful tools for server hosters in this particular series. Now, having moved on to a more modern engine, additional tools are necessary to ensure the safety of home-grown -- or even rented -- servers.

All server hosts should know about rcon -- remote control. There are various utilities out there allowing more rcon control, however in case you didn't think there were enough we've got another one here. I've had a look at it and if it works like advertised I'm relatively impressed. I mean I've seen rcon programs before. Most of them are either confusing or... well... small, with not very many functions. This particular utility features a custom-made piece of software to allow you the greatest amount of control for your server from your desktop. The basics are included, like server status and kicking/banning utilities, however the rest of the commands you might find yourself needing are all there, arranged in easy-to-use menus. Check the screenshots for a better idea of how this particular utility works.

Keep in mind that the author has dubbed this a 'beta'. Be sure to use it out and report any bugs so he can improve the software for future versions.




Readme File:
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

TITLE: RCON Master for Jedi Academy beta 2.1
AUTHOR: mdaly1231 / deseonet
E-MAIL: [email protected]

FILENAME: rconmaster.zip
DATE RELEASED: February 3, 2008

This is a beta version that is going to have plenty of bugs.  Please report errors and problems.  The program will expire on March 1, 2008.

The zip contains a folder called RCON Master and a file called RCON Master.exe.  Unzip to the folder of your choice.

Double click the exe to start the program.  A default Server List will be loaded.  If it is not visible on the "ServerList" tab, press "Reload".  The default server should appear, example:, Local Host.  Enter your server data in the grid, press "Save".  If you set the "DEFAULT" field to "Y", the program will auto load that server.    Make sure your server is selected, and press "Set Server".  I think the rest should be easy enough to understand...but feel free to direct questions to me.

Custom built communications engine.  Works via UDP and FTP(disabled). 
Custom right-click menus (disabled)
Custom Command Menu 
Custom easy to read data grids
Custom Lag-o-meter
Updated console screen.
LOGS!  Lots of data to look at!

This program contains 100% new programming.  It is written in VB.Net 2005.

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