RCON Program (formerly RCON Master)

Well here we have a nifty littleutility, although really it actually covers a lot of stuff!

Basically this utility allows you to u...


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Well here we have a nifty littleutility, although really it actually covers a lot of stuff!

Basically this utility allows you to use all kinds of Rcon commands for your server using a small box that it opens on your desktop. For someone who is running a temporary server from their own computer this probably isn’t necessary. However, if you have a dedicated server that you have bought and that you use for your clan, or RP group for instance, then this will come in very useful. It enables you to connect to a particular servers IP address, and providing you have the Rcon username and password, will allow you to execute various commands on the server, sending a message to a player for instance, or kicking someone who is misbehaving.

It also allows you to view a list of the current players and their status, change a player over to another team to balance the teams out and so on. A full list of the many features in this utility is available in the readme.

All in all, an excellent utility here. I am pretty sure that I used a previous version of this back when I used to have a clan server, and it served me well. So, if you guys are in need of something like this, then give it a download! :)


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Download 'rconprogram.zip' (64KB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

TITLE: RCON Program for Jedi Academy v2.3 beta
AUTHOR: mykell / deseonet
E-MAIL: [email protected]

FILENAME: rconprogram.zip
REQUIREMENTS: .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86) (included).

This is a beta version so there will be plenty of bugs. Please report errors and problems to [email protected]

I suck at technical writing but here we go...

Must have .NET Framework Version 2.0 installed or program will not run.
Program is self contained, meaning there is really no installation.  Unzip the files into a folder.  Double click the RCONProgram.exe file to start.

The first time you run the RCON Program you will have to enter at least one server to the Server List.  Enter the IP Address in this format:  You can give your server any nick name you wish.  Enter the RCON password.  The "Default" field is not in use and can be ignored.  Press "Start Monitoring Server".  This will fire up the program and take you to the "Status" tab.  Tip:  If the player grid is empty, check that your RCON password is correct.

The top area is the "Server Info" area.  The Auto Update feature will update this area every 3 to 12 seconds (Depending on network traffic).  You can move your mouse over any of the fields to see more info about it.  There is also a "Lag Meter" and an "Activity Light".  The Lag Meter will turn green as your ping to the server increases.  Keep in mind: this is YOUR PING to the server.  Traffic on your internet connection will cause a high ping.  The Activity Light should be green unless the program is sending and receiving data. New commands may not be issued to the server while the light is red.

The bottom area is a series of tabs.
* Server List
	o Load and Save data to the server list file.
	o Buttons to Start and Stop server monitoring.
	o Controls to sort the server list by IP Address or Nick Name.
* Get Status
	o Data Grid displaying the current server's cvars/values.
	o Controls to sort by cvar or value.
	o Control to pause updates or filter for color codes to the grids data.
	o A fancy way to view the "getstatus" command.
* Status
	o Data Grid displaying the current players and information about them.
	o Controls to sort by Slot, Name, or IP Address.
	o Control to pause update or filter for color codes
	o Displays the player's full name, not just the first 15 characters like the normal "status" command.
	o Context Menu (Right-Click Commands):
* Get Player Info (rcon dumpuser). This command will not work on player names that contain spaces.
* Force To Team.  This command will force the selected player to join any of the four teams (play, spectator, blue, and red).
* Warnings.  Custom set of chained commands that are helpful in dealing with players who are causing trouble.
	* 1st Offense: Verbal Warning.
	* 2nd Offense: Verbal warning and a trip to spectator.
	* 3rd Offense: Verbal warning, a trip to spectator, and a kick.
	* 4th Offense: Verbal warning, a trip to spectator, a ban, and a kick (doing the ban first prevents reconnects).
* Say to Player.  Basic svsay with the selected player's name.
* Kick Player.  Just plain handy.  Right-click and kick.
* Ban IP Address.  Right-Click and ban.
* Ban IP Address and Kick.  Right click, ban, and kick.
* UnBan IP Address.  To be fair...sometimes an admin MIGHT make an error.
* RCON Console
	o Send commands and receive data.
	o The "Send Command" button will fade out when the program is busy.
	o Control to filter for color codes.
	o Some commands will auto populate.
	o Data from any user issued RCON Commands will be posted here.  This includes context menus and tool bar menus.
	o Able to send non-RCON commands (getinfo, getstatus, etc)
* LOG Console
	o Auto Update will logs its' activities in this console.
	o Control to filter for color codes.
* Settings
	o RConsole Logging Options.  This area controls what data will be sent to the external RCON Console log file.
	* Disabled- Nothing will be logged.
	* RConsole Command- Only user issued commands sent via the RCON Console tab will be sent to the log file.
	* RConsole and Menu Commands- Same as above.  In addition, any user issued command will be sent to the log file.
o LConsole Logging Options.  This area controls what data will be sent to the external LOG Console log file.
	* Disabled- Nothing will be logged.
	* Log Auto Update- will log general info from the auto update cycle.
	* Log Response Details- same as above.  In addition, will include server response data.
o Program Wide.  Over all program settings.
	* Pause All Updates.  This will pause the auto update loop.  Handy if you need to review the LOG Console screen.
	* Filter All Data.  This will filter all color codes from all data feeds received by the program.
o Server Info Area.  Settings that affect just the Server Info area.
	* Able to filter for color codes

Added Auto Kick PHRG feature.
Added Auto Cycle for Bot Server.  (Server with bots only will cycle every 15 minutes without player interaction)
Removed auto date shut down.
Removed FTP engine. (Unstable)
Changed name from RCON Master to RCON Program (RCON Master is already taken).

Replace and updated the Data Grids.
Cleaned up the data parsing that feeds the grids and the log files.
Rebuilt the Server List page.
Added Green/Red activity "light".  When the light is red, the UDP Socket is communicating with the server.  The system will not accept commands.
Added Three strikes rule:  If the server fails to respond to a command, it will try to resend it 2 additional times before stopping.
Added adaptive Auto Update:  Auto Update will change its interval based on the ping.  It starts out on a 3 second interval.
Removed the communication based logs.  They were just confusing for most.

Custom built communications engine. Works via UDP and FTP(disabled). 
Custom right-click menus (disabled)
Custom Command Menu 
Custom easy to read data grids
Custom Lag-o-meter
Updated console screen.
LOGS! Lots of data to look at!

This program contains 100% new programming and is written in VB.Net 2005.

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