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For some of us, remembering server commands isn’t exactly our strongest ability. If you are an admin on a server, and have the rcon password...


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For some of us, remembering server commands isn’t exactly our strongest ability. If you are an admin on a server, and have the rcon password, you know the importance of remembering all the commands. This mental skill is even more necessary if you run a server with a mod, which adds more commands to the server. Lostingamma has created a program, called Rcon SE, that will allow a person to connect to a server, and control it, as if they were right in there. This could be helpful if you need to make some changes on your server, but don’t have enough time to start up JKA, or you can’t find your CD. This program can even be used a friends house, even if the friend has never installed JKA on his computer. Another great thing, is when you connect to a server, you can see some of the basic settings on your server, right when you see the main part of the program. The name of the server, its mod (if any), version, game type, and more. Then, you can send commands to the server through a text bar. It also has extra buttons for servers that are basejka, or JA+. So, if you forget a command, and you have a basejka or JA+ server, there is a possibility there is a button for it. If your server isn’t running either of these, like if you were running the ForceMod, it will still work, you can submit ForceMod commands through the text bar. You can restart the map and shutdown the server with this program too. There is also a Help System included, for those of you that need help. As a bonus, it comes with an installer, that way you can easily put it on your computer.


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Download 'rconse.zip' (5MB)

Author: lostingamma
Name: Rcon SE
Version: 1.00.00
Build Time: Unknown, a long time though
Exe Size: 4,128,768 Bytes (3.93 MB)
Beta Testers: lostingamma
Icon By: lostingamma
Special Thanks To: Will Lowman, who made Rcon Commander Open Source, and to Slider,
	for making the JA+ Mod.

This program allows a person to control a server without needing to enter the game.
It supports all mods, through its Send Command Bar. It has hardcoded commands in it,
to assist in the aid of a BaseJKA, or JA+ Server. It provides a GUI for these two types
of servers. This program is meant for JKA Servers. It may work on other servers as well.
To use this program, you will need access to a server. You will also need the rcon password.
If you have any trouble, I have included a Help File System with it. You can access it by
going to Help > Documentation, or by click the Help Book on the connection window.

Other Info:
This is version 1.00.00. I do plan on releasing future updates, adding more features to it.

Just run Setup.exe. It will open up the installer, which will guide you through the
install process.

Website: http://lostingamma.jk2files.com
Email: lostingamma@lostingamma.jk2files.com

I am in no way responsible for what you do to your server by using this program.
I will in no way be held responible for your problems and stupidity.

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