Reactor Room



exception, from the exploding hypermatter reactor of the Death Stars to that other glaring design flaw of placing a Star Destroyers solar ionization reactor in an easily visible bulb on the bottom of the ship. Imperial designers clearly have a proclivity for horrific engineering decisions!Anyway, I digress. Here we have a new map based on the theme of a reactor room, but which has some nice, subtle features such as the lighting scheme changing from blue, to green and then to red as you approach the reactor core itself. The map itself reminds me a lot of the Bespin shafts levels of JK2, especially the one where you have to work your way up to the top by waiting for those forcefields to appear which you then run across to get to the other side of the shaft in order to hitch a lift up to the next level.Personally I think the map is a little sparse and could probably do with some more mechanical features, such as pipes, control panels, wires etc., though I did like the holographic displays used in the map. The author definitely shows he has some talent with architecture though as there are some nice shapes in the map, like the pillars/supports in the 'blue room' and those cool doors! I also liked the rotating object above the reactor beam, though it would be nice if it was more visible, or made into a bit more of a feature.Alas there is no music, which generally is a negative in my books, but this is often forgiveable in a duel map such as this simply because people often play their own music, maybe through their killtracker, while they duel. Another thing; though there is a quiet 'reactor-y' type sound when you are right next to the reactor, a map of this theme definitely needs some more mechanical sounds. A real reactor room would never be that quiet, even in the comfortable, well carpeted halls of Star Trek fiction! Overall though a nice little map here, though it could do with some more detailing to give it the sense of being a working, dangerous environment.Keep up the good mapping Dark Wii Player! [/quote]So, what's been updated? Quite a bit, it seems. The room where the energy pillar lied is now a much larger room with energy pillars out and about. The place is multi-level as well, with control consoles dotted about everywhere. They all seem to have a purpose, such as toggling power to the energy bridges, or the moving platform. Random question: Why use that when you can just walk around to the other side? XD There wasn't much on the bug front, just one missing texture. (textures/KIPL/blackmetal ring a bell?) With new versions constantly on the way, who knows? This thing could turn into an FFA map. That would be most amusing.Time for another shadow walk. POOF.New Textures: AyeNew Music: NaySecrets to plunder: NayBot Support: Nay- Averus Retruthan Reactor Room (3.0) - ScreenshotsScreenshots:


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