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Real Jedi Kyle

When the last version of this skin was delivered to this Shrine, It basically looked simply like a darkened skin, with maybe some slight adj...


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When the last version of this skin was delivered to this Shrine, It basically looked simply like a darkened skin, with maybe some slight adjustments. Honestly, in this version, the only thing I can find changed is the torso texture, which was taken from another skin. The texture is still incredibly dark, and that's a major minus. Granted, I don't mind dark, but I hate them when you're supposed to see some kind of detail. Rather detracting.

The Blue team skin is basically the only place you can see some minor detail, but honestly, I would suggest brightening up your textures. I don't think the masses wish to strain their eyes to view the detail.

However, if you like what your eyes are transfering to your brain, by all means, submit bandwidth. Otherwise, leave =_= so sayeth Averus.

Note, this will replace default Kyle Bot Support: Nay NPC Support: Aye Team Skins: Aye New Sounds: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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Real Jedi Kyle Version 3 by SniperShot

Well you've been waiting and hoping and asking, so here it is Real Jedi kyle version 3. unlike the other two replacements this 
one has Kyle waring the basic jedi tunic (sorry no robes yet). The Default is a basic brown, blue is blue tunic, And red is a 
black and red sith-like tunic.

Installation: Simply place the Real Jedi Kyle v3 Pac3 file in the Jedi academ game base. 
To remove the mod simply remove the file.Note: you will have to remove the previous verson update to this version.

This is a simple reskin not a new skin, it will override the defualt game model.

team skins and icons for multi-player have been provided.

no new sounds

Bot support is default,Two new npcs kyle_real and kyle_evil.

to Spawn type Npc spawn kyle_real or Kyle_evil in consol.

Known Bugs: Once again None, if you find any send me a letter at snipershot@foksquad.com

Credits: Basic consept SniperShot. Model bones, and orignal skin Revan/lucasarts. Barrowed textures supplyed by Doc Phil's 
Hs jedi customization mod v4.o

Hope you enjoy.

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