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I quote AmosMagee's review of the previous version:

Yet another saber mod! WOO! Okay, not woo, but ... yeah. So this particular sa...


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I quote AmosMagee's review of the previous version:

Yet another saber mod! WOO! Okay, not woo, but ... yeah. So this particular saber mod is supposed to make the sabers for Jedi Academy much more realistic - or rather, more like in the movies. So the core is white, there's less color and the only color comes from the glow. The saber itself is also a bit slimmer. So if you're interested in a saber mod that doesn't change the saber too much, this might be one for you to try.

To be honest, I personally have lost interest in downloading other people's attempts at making the perfect saber. Different people prefer different things. Some want it to be thin with a round tip, some want it to be wide at base and pointy at top, some want to to be the same width at the bottom all the way up to to top. Some want no core, some want the core to a different color from the glow, etc, etc, etc.

Don't get me wrong - these sabers are good (WAY better than default, and an improvement over the previous version), but are they "realistic"? Meh... I'll let you guys be the judge of that. I do like to see the extra step taken by the author to put in new sounds and a new saber trail, but the sounds are loud, and annoying, and the trail is... "ok". The trail and sounds are in separate .pk3s so if I don't want to use them you don't have to ;).

Bottom Line If you hate the default sabers, and don't like the ones other people have made until now (or wanted an update of the previous version), try this, see if you like it.

~ Innocent Hawk

NOTE: The author's new name is "Pane", not "masterobitu" as will be listed above. Due to some unknown errors, I was unable to add his new name.

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Date Released: 1:54 PM 8/24/2005

Installation: Extract the file to your base folder.Example:
( C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base )

Credits:-40% to the guys who made JA+ Mod 2.3.  I took one of their saber trail RBG files.(Mod ROCKS)
        - 40% to masterobitu(Realist Sabers v1.0) for the new saber line.
        - 20% to me for putting this all together, making light modifications to v1.0, New on and off saber              sounds, new saber trail

Description:  I have simply taken Realistic Sabers v1.0 and upgraded it.  I've made the sabers even more realistic, Decreased the glow and color of the saber ( no more bulgey sabers), and I also smoothed out the textures after fading ( As you can see in the screenshots).  I gave the saber a light flame trail for those who dont like too much.  And new custom on and off saber sounds done by me.  I included screenshots of the sabers, but you'll have to try the rest of for your self =P..  And to bag it all up, the Sabers, Trail, and sounds are all seperate for your choice of pick, hope you enjoy it.

Bugs: None so far..=)

Comments: I made several screenshots for before and after for the people who think saber mods are a waste of time.  Peace out


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