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Mmkay, coolest feature in a mod ever (or at least, right now): currency. Need a bacta? Got 300 credits. BUY ONE! You earn money in this mod...


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Mmkay, coolest feature in a mod ever (or at least, right now): currency. Need a bacta? Got 300 credits. BUY ONE! You earn money in this mod for kills, for winning rounds and then you can spend your gil - er, wrong game - credits on all kinds of stuff. (See screenshots.)

Now, keep in mind, this is the first release of this mod. The author has a lot of ideas and a lot planned for the mod, but needs this to be tested and needs feedback. So have fun, report bugs to him, offer your suggestions.

I can't wait to see more! :D


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  RealJedi Mod v1.0 PR
|  Acrion Trusen <>

RealJedi Mod v1.0 Premature Release


- Extract archive into your "Jedi Academy\GameData" folder
- Enter Jedi Academy\GameData\realjedi in Windows Explorer
- Run realjedi.bat to play locally


- Start the Jedi Academy Multiplayer
- At the top bar, click SETUP
- From the list on the left, click MODS
- click "realjedi"
- click LOAD MOD
- You are now ready to play on a RealJedi Server!

About hosting RealJedi:

Please do and drop me a line, here are the benefits:
- I'll worship you
- I'll add a link to your site on mine
- I'll host your site on my site
- I'll play on your server
- I'll personally notify you of any updates
- I'll send you bug fixes before released on the website

About the Mod's Title:

The word "Real" does not represent "realism" or "realistic" in any way.  "Real" is the name
of a project for Quake III which relates to this in many ways.  "Jedi" is a suffix refering
to Jedi Academy.

About the Author:

I am an average programmer from an average world making average mods.  I like extra rewards
and a sense of earning something.  I tried a server-side mod which wasn't satisfying enough
and set out and make a server-side and client-optional mod with currency.  Of course adding
some extras here and there like bonus force generation while sitting defenseless.  This has
taken about one week of hard work taking every free moment outside of my full time position
in the corporate world.  It has given me a world to drift away in to relax.  I hope it does
you well, too.  -Acrion

About requesting new features:

I am too lazy to make decent maps or models for my mod.  If there are others out there that
have created models, skins or maps feel free to donate.  I am willing to add game modes and
weapons.  I already plan for a Free Duel mode where players that are not dueling deathmatch
outside of the arena for no points.  For those full duel servers with long waits, it'd keep
me longer.  So again, if you have codable ideas, let me know.  If you want moves added, you
have to have the code.  If you want weapons or items added, you supply the models.  Maps in
a game type of your choice, you make the map.  I won't accept incomplete maps, models, code
or vehicles.  Everything must fit visually into the game.  I will try to keep this a client
optional mod.

About the perfect word wrap:

Call me the Shakespeare of word wrapping.

About Premature Release (PR):

This is the first release of the mod.  It has only been tested locally and has not properly
been balanced for online play.  This is a use-at-your-own-risk release.

RJ Client-side files
Compatible with non RJ Clients
Earn money
- money earned for percent of damage
- money earned for kill
- money earned for winning rounds (and loosing)
Buy equipment and upgrades
- vehicles and NPCs coming soon!
- compete buy menu with RJ Client
Player force regen rates differ according to situation.
- defenseless meditating, saber holstered, saber active, force only/saberless
Jetpack completely reworked

Item 			Description
Jetpack			Advanced control. Crouch/Duck now reduces fuel usage.
Dodge (disabled)	Can now dodge missile fire (blaster and disrupter alike)
Disrupter Pistol	Old Bryar pistol now fires weak disrupter beams
Binoculars		Like FP_SEE, see players though walls (AKA Electrobinoculars)

Command			Description
MyInfo			Show players current money and total earned
Buy <item>		Purchase <item> from the buy list (can be bound to key)
BuyList			Show a list of items and prices
BuyMenu			Show the Buy Menu/Purchase List (RJ Client only)
ListComands/Cmds/Help	Show a list of commands and general help
Login <password>	Enable admin powers and cheats (See g_adminPassword cvar)
Logoff/Logout		Disable admin powers and cheats

CVar Name		Default		Description
g_adminPassword		real		to become admin: \login real

g_forceRegenIdle	1		regen rate of an holstered Saber Jedi player
g_forceRegenJedi	2		regen rate of a Saber equiped Jedi player
g_forceRegenForceOnly	4		regen rate of a Force Only Jedi player

g_moneyEnabled		1		play for money
g_moneyEconomy		0		players take money when dealing damage
g_moneyLifeWorth	100		money earned for 100% of health
g_moneyKillWorth	50		bonus earned with the killing hit
g_moneyWinRound		2000		money earned for winning a team round (or flag capture)
g_moneyLooseRound	1200		money earned for loosing a team round
g_moneyInitial		5000		player starts with this amount of money
g_moneyFreeBinoculars	1		players start with Electrobinoculars (see people through walls)
g_moneyFreeWeapons	12		start with these weapons, can be overriden by g_weaponDisable/g_duelWeaponDisable
g_moneyBotsBuy		0		allow bots to purchase items (doesn't work properly)

Planned but not implemented

Admin commands
    login <username> <password>		log in using username and password
    adduser <username> <password>	create a user with the given password
    dropuser <username>			remove a user

    power <username> <level>		set users power

    promote <playername> <level>	temporarily set players level
    demote <playername>			revoke players level

    allow <username> <access>		allow user access to commands
    revoke <username> <access>		revoke access to commands

Admin levels
    0	player		same as players
    1   vip		can start votes
    2   moderator	can kick players
    3	administrator
    4	owner

Admin access
    kill <playername>
    kick <playername>
    ban <playername> <minutes> <reason>
    mute <playername> <minutes> <reason>
    unmute <playername>

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