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I found this file some time ago on our e-mail server, but then Wade posted his review of it, and I simply disregarded. Apologies to the auth...


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I found this file some time ago on our e-mail server, but then Wade posted his review of it, and I simply disregarded. Apologies to the author for not realising that one was for CTF and this for FFA, although it may be a better idea to put them together next time.

Wade's review of the CTF version:

This is one of those fun to mess around on maps because it has plenty of vehicles and was designed with pure fun in mind - that's fun as in mess fun not saber fun!

The first thing I found problematic was the lack of FFA support, it literally quit the map with the "couldn't find a spawn point" error! I also noted that one teams swoops face the wrong way making a quick getaway a true impossibility! Btw I apologise for the "fell to his death" text on the screenshots but seen as I had to do CTF when I loaded it up I was presented with 2 teams full of bots jumping to their doom...

You can have a bit of fun flying from base to base (teleporting in between) and swoop jumping but to be honest I don't see it becoming a real good CTF map, it's just too "crazy" for that and the music choice really makes it feel lively and insane too! I'm not saying it's a bad map just if you get that flag and get into a've scored - and it's not that hard to get that far!

Well, unlike the CTF version, there is only one base, and therefore all those errors Wade mentioned do not exist in this map. However, flying with the ships is still equally pointless as the sky is so small, you cannot fly around it without being an expert. I think I managed to take off and turn before I hit the wall at least once lol :) As for the design of it, It aint perfect, and It aint always pretty because the textures are a bit repetetive, but at least the rooms are innovative, despite being a bit bright and in your face. The best area is definitely the landing pad and the roof with the At-St's on it, lots of detail here. The areas splitting off from the side have distinctly awful textures on them, but it's not too much of a flaw.

The music is from Star Wars, and It's one of the better ones - I was praying it wouldn't be the duel music and it wasn't :D There aren't really any new textures and it isn't botrouted which IS a major flaw. :( Especially as this probably won't be immensely popular on servers. However, I had a look at the previous file and the author seemed a bit depressed so I just want to say, don't give up. Sure, its not brilliant but it can only get better :)

New Textures: No New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~

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Download '' (1.93MB)

JKA map: Rebel_Fortress

- Installation instructions: extract the rebel_fortress.pk3 file to .../GameData/base
- File info: This is basicly a ffa map with lots of features. This map has 10 different dueling arenas, 4 different ships, 2 atat, 2 tauntaun and some secrets.
- Developer name: Alomatik
- Developer email: [email protected]
- a few notes: i was planning to make this map since i was in my old jk2 clan NO. i had some problems and forgot about the map until a few weeks ago. i started the map again and i had a big break until 03/2004. by that time i had lots of new ideas like 4 new duel arenas. i finally finished the map yesterday. compiled it 5 times (each one took about 50 min) to fix al the bugs. and now i know {guess[hope(prey)]} its all bug free :D. i have 1-2 problems with Ctf version. i will submit it asap. Btw i didnt add the ship boundries couse it suckes. and i couldnt made the space to fly larger couse making it would cost hours for me.

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