Reborn J&S Order Clan

Ah, clan skins. Remarkably, they just keep on coming. This one's a personal skin, in fact. But let's push that aside.

Synopsis: It's a gr...


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Ah, clan skins. Remarkably, they just keep on coming. This one's a personal skin, in fact. But let's push that aside.

Synopsis: It's a grayscaled reborn, actually, desaturated is probably the right word. There's some red patterning on it, some added runic patterning and scratch effects, the eyes are green, and it has the clan's name and the creator's name on it.

Complaints: No text blending nor mounting, it's just illogically scrawled across the front. Desaturation, obviously something I personally find myself consider to be "actual" skinning, since skinning - in the context of 3D models - is traditionally defined as "creation or modification of textures to apply to a three dimensional mesh". That's semantics, but still. No bonus points for originality nor technique. Overall, it's just a bit bland, really. =/

Positives: The patterning work that has been done shows quite a bit of promise with Photoshop, so Elias obviously knows how to use the software. I'm therefore guessing that the basic and plain level of workmanship here is due to general unfamiliarity with texturing to fit a UV map, as opposed to just not being good with texture art.

Overall I can't be too complimentary about this, it's standard first time skinner produce and it's something you've all probably seen a lot before. We've certainly got a lot of products along similar lines in our files archive.

What I can say, is a message to Elias: Don't be discouraged, keep practicing and for future skins try to be a bit more active in the creation and modification of textures, as opposed to tweaking the settings on existing ones. While the latter may be easier, the former compensates for it's difficulty by being much more rewarding.... and besides, you'll never learn if you never try, so you have nothing to lose. ;)

Oh, and your team support is broken. But don't worry, it's a relatively common slip-up which signifies forgetfulness, not incompetence. You merely forgot to change the folder name in the .skin file.

Well, you know the drill. There's not much you can say about these types of files. It's competently done, for what it is, but that's just it - it is what it is. Take it at face value.

~ Kouen

Bot Profiles: No NPC Profiles: No Team Support: No Custom Audio: No

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Open your Jedi Academy folder (On Default, it's C:Program FilesLucasartsStar Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy), then to the Gamedata Folder, then Base folder, and put the PK3 inside there.

DESCRIPTION: A reskinned Reborn New with gray colors, cracks made by Photoshop, Pale Skin, and Green Eyes. No new sounds or bot support is included, but there is team support, which is the default colors.

BUGS: The Icon didn't show up in the character selection screen, but typing "model ancient_reborn_new" works fine.

COMMENTS: This is my first skin, and I decided to go with the Reborn New model. It won't overwrite the normal model (From what I know), and it has Team Support. It dosen't have Bot Support or new sounds, but I promise that I'll try to add them in a new version, ok?

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