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Here we have version 2 of the recently submitted Reborn Reskinned file. There are not many changes from the original, so I shall give my rev...


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File Description

Here we have version 2 of the recently submitted Reborn Reskinned file. There are not many changes from the original, so I shall give my review of the previous file, and list the changes.

Another day, another Reborn reskin. A first skin, too, big suprise. There really isnt much to say on this one.

It appears as if the reborn's clothes have been desaturated, and the robes turned brown. But there are still gray spots which don't look all that great. The boots appear to have been brightened also.

If nothing else, I can say this for this skin: it wasnt paintbucketed. But the amount of skill put into it is pretty much the same.

Try something more than just recoloring next time.

Some of the gray spots have been fixed, but I still found some, mostly on the insides of his legs. Some more color has been added on the hood, arms, legs, and part of the robe in front. The eyes have been turned red, and black squiggles that I can only guess to be some sort of symbol has been added to the face. Bot support has also been included this time, which is a plus.

My only complaint, besides the already stated one of it just being a recolor, is that in some of the areas, such as the right arm, and the flap on the robe in front, the yellow runs a bit over into other parts. But, keep working with it. Practice makes perfect, if there is such a thing as a perfect skinner. :p


Bot Support: Yes Team Support: No New Sounds: No Npc Support: Yes

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This contains reborn reskinned  V2,
this is How I think it should look instead of all dressed up in bright colors if you disagree i dont want hate mail how ever i have got for a more colorful look than v1 with my detail on the hood and if you look closely the face area.

*********Install instuctions***************

to install put the pk3 included in your base folder 

********NPC spawning***************
to spawn a reborn  bring down the console with shift and the key to the left of 1 then type /devmapall (mapname) then when loaded type
good reborn = /npc spawn reborn_good
evil reborn = /npc spawn reborn_evil 

***********what can it do*******************************

Bot Support:no
Team Support: no
New Sounds: no
NPC Support: yes


note: if you want to modify my skin. Dont i dont want my work reskinned if you want to make your own reborn get it from assets 1 not my pk3

*****contact me************************

*****legal stuff******


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