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I will start this review off with a question: how many of you know about the Jedi Master skin? I guess a fair few will know, but in my exper...


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I will start this review off with a question: how many of you know about the Jedi Master skin? I guess a fair few will know, but in my experience I’ve not seen that player skin often. Is it a custom skin? Nope, it’s actually a base JKA skin, but It’s not in the skin selection menu. You can only get it by typing /model jedi/master in the console when in multiplayer. I use this as my own skin whilst playing MP.

So it came as a bit of a surprise when I found this skin waiting for a review. To be honest, since the original is a skin that’s only obtainable using a console command, I wouldn’t have thought that someone would have re-skinned it, but here we are! Personally I think that this was a cool idea, since the original is one of my favourite base JKA skins and I use it all the time, its nice to see a reskin of this rather obscure base JKA skin.

So what about the reskin? Well it’s a fairly simple reskin, but it completely changes the look of the original. It’s a case of out with the distinguished Jedi master look, and in with glowing red eyes and tattoos! ;)

To be honest this guy does look quite scary with his red eyes and tribal tattoos, but I imagine there are quite a lot of JKA players who would like this kind of style.

For the authors second released skin, I think he has done a good quality job here. This skin even has team skins too! So well done mate. :)

There were no bugs that I could see, so really the only areas I think could be improved here, are maybe some new sounds for the taunts, and adding Bot support, but those aren’t really that important anyway So all in all, a good job here from this author, I look forward to seeing more from you!

If you like this skin, then give it a download!

New Sounds: No Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes


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Download '' (1.2MB)

yeah another Skin from me the (2nd skin that would be released)
It is a reskin of the jedi master model he has a Black dress a flame Trbal on back and arms, another tribal on both legs, a black mask in the face, a dragon tatoo in the face over the eyes and the best thing is has red glowing eyes the hair is now black no more grey.

I think it was pretty good work for my Rookie skills

File name: red_flame
File size: 1,17 MB
made by : Sareth aka. Destinate (TNA Clan)
Date: 23.04.2008 in Germany 
Team Support: Yes
Bot support: No
NPC Support: No
Sounds: default Jedi


simply copy or extract the red_flame.pk3 to the GameData/base folder of your JKA Directory and enjoy ;)


If you wish to modifie this skin pls contact me @ first:


Credits goes to Lucas Arts, Raven Software and all other People that maked this game possible! I hope to say someday a JK4. That would be great!


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