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Well, this model doesn't really bring back any nostalgia for me. I never watched the power rangers when I was a kid since my parents found...


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Well, this model doesn't really bring back any nostalgia for me. I never watched the power rangers when I was a kid since my parents found it too violent for my young mind, so all I remember from that time are all the idiots at my school who tried to imitate the power rangers, but usually ended up maiming themselves. By the time I was allowed to watch it, I found it to be rather silly. Anyway, what we have here is a Red Power Ranger model from Inyri Forge, who's included bot support, NPC support, and single-player support though there aren't any team colors. She said she'll put them in the next version if she does it, though.

The first thing I noticed when I loaded this model was that the back must be weighted wrong somehow, because every time I move the model's spine swishes around a little bit. He must be a jello power ranger. Inyri also said that she didn't weigh the fingers seperately from the hands. That doesn't seem to mean much since I used this model for a bit and didn't see any problems. Other than that, the model is built accurately and there's no other severe weighting errors.

Then there's the skin. It really lacks shading on it. At first glance I thought it was two solid colors of red and white. However, I think this is due to the fact that their uniforms are made of plastic, which I'm sure isn't easy to skin. There's also a shader for it that gives it a plastic-y shine. I think this is pretty well done model, though there is enough to warrent version two. ;)

Team Support: No Bot Support: Yes New Sound: Yes NPC Support: Yes


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Red Power Ranger
AUTHOR: Inyri Forge

FILENAME: red_ranger.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 08 December 2005

Polycount: 1765
Triangles: 2419
LOD Support: No

Team Support: No
New Sounds: Yes
BOT Support: Yes
NPC Support: Yes
Single-Player Support: Yes!

First of all, I must give credit to Raven. Those of you who are experienced with modelling will notice immediately that I 'borrowed' the hands off of one of their models. That's all that's borrowed, though. One day I will learn to model hands ;)

Thanks to Almighty_Gir for lending me some of his very general reference images, which I used and modified in the making of this model.

Thanks to minilogoguy18 for helping along the way, especially with the shoulder rigging, which I was very very bad at. Learning is for winners!

Thanks to all my beta testers. You know who you are... since I've kind of forgotten. :p

Of course shoutouts go to my forumers, for support as usual, and a big thumbsdown to all the flamers out there. Go away. We don't like you.

Dump this is your gamedata/base directory within your Jedi Academy directory.

This is a model of the Red Power Ranger from the series Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. If anyone out there has never heard of this series... I pity you immensely. I used to watch it when I was probably about 7 or 8 years old, so out of the blue one day I decided to model the Red Ranger. No particular reason, I just did.


The command to spawn the Red Ranger NPC is as follows:

npc spawn red_ranger

For quick single-player model access:

playermodel red_ranger

No real bugs that I've found and haven't corrected, except maybe that the extremities aren't capped, but that's not so much a bug as a shortcoming. I also didn't weigh the fingers separately, though I plan to do this in version two, along with a lot of other things... see the comments for that.

I'm leaving this section to explain the things I left out, and the things I'm planning on doing for version two.

I didn't cap the model (if you don't know what that means, don't worry - it's a little thing), I didn't weigh the fingers separately from the hands, and I didn't include team skins. There are reasons for all of these things, though the reason for the first two is that I'm lazy... and I wanted to have something to do for version two that was substantial. I didn't include team skins because red team would just be default, and blue team would have to be the blue ranger, and I'm way too busy right now to go about reskinning (and possibly remodelling the head) to fit for the blue Power Ranger. However I will hopefully do that in version two as well. No promises, however. It all depends on how well this model goes over. I know there are a lot of people who despise the power rangers :p

One other thing I should mention. Some of you who have been watching the thread will know that I modelled the Dragon Shield on him. It's still there, but I didn't get around to rigging it properly. It's being very anal, and it will take a lot of time - time I didn't want to waste this time around. So while it's technically part of the model (and turned off) I don't suggest turning it on until/unless I fix it in the next version.

Should you have questions, suggestions, complaints, or would just like to see the progess on this model, check out the thread on FileFront GamingForums:

You may not redistribute this file or any material contained within in any form without my express permission. If permission is given, this read-me must be included. It's not like I bite, so don't be afraid to ask. I'm not going to say 'no' unless your mod is a complete disgrace to the world, and there aren't many of those out there ;)


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