Do you like red? Well if you don’t, I am afraid you might be a little put off this map…because it is very red indeed! At first I wasn’t sure...


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Do you like red? Well if you don’t, I am afraid you might be a little put off this map…because it is very red indeed! At first I wasn’t sure what the maps title ‘Redcliff’ was supposed to imply, but as soon as I played it I realised why it was called this. One look and you can see…the sky is a brilliant crimson red and the lighting is also red, giving the map quite a dark-side feel.

This is a fairly simple duel map, with a small pad at one end, and some walkways at either side of the map connected by another walkway with a rather large hole in it. Good if you like gripping and dropping your opponent to their death! :P

The texturing looks good, and the walls on either side of the map add a bit of structure and architecture. There are also a couple of fire stands in the central area, which also add to the dark and foreboding feel of the map. The music I think fits very well with the map, and I don’t think I would have chosen anything else to go with this. It is also raining, which seems a little odd at first, since you would usually associate a red sky with a very hot planet, the rain looks fine though once you get used to it. One curious feature is the windmills that are around the edge of the map, I’m not quite sure what they are supposed to be for, but I think they actually look quite cool, and the spinning blades add some more movement to the map. Look below you and you will also see another huge spinning blade! These blades don’t have any soundset’s though, which is a bit of a shame, since I think a ‘whoosh whoosh’ sound for them would have added to the effect.

Overall though this is rather a small map, and I do feel it could be expanded upon, perhaps with some more walls or a building enclosing the area more, to give you a more diverse area to duel in. Also, I do think that although the texturing is good, it could do with a bit more variety. Also, this probably should have been made available for Power Duel, since it is already available for the Duel, FFA and TFFA gametype’s. Other than that though a pretty good duel map here, one especially that would be good to use with some Sith skins, as it has that kind of feel about it.

Give it a download if you like the look of it guys! :)

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No Bot Routes: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel


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by Ataris21

Game: Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Version: 1.0
Completion date: December 5, 2008

Credits: All rights reserved to Ataris21, do not use anything in this mod without my emailed consent. Thank you for downloading.

Installation: Put the pk3 file into the base folder within your Jedi Academy directory.

Description: A small ffa/duel map located high above some grey mountains.

Comments/Bugs: I created the skybox myself. This uses the vjun3 music. Oh, and just so you're aware--the propellers will kill you if you make contact with them.

Version history:


Created the map.

All content in this mod was created by Ataris21 and is as such subject to no claims by Raven or LucasArts.

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