Honestly, some skins I just don't get. This one, for instance - he doesn't look like he's been brought back from the dead at all. The only thing about this skin that hints at death would be the blood stain on his collar. The author did state in his readme that this is a basic reskin - I agree. There's nothing about the skin that I particularly dislike - but there's nothing about it, visually that really stands out.

Yeah, okay, then I decided to test the taunt. What the- what is that taunt from!? I'm not sure I'm hearing it correctly, so if I'm wrong, let me know. "They're coming to get you, Barbara." Is that Night of the Living Dead? For a somewhat unassuming skin, that is the freakiest taunt, ever. I didn't test the bot support, but it would certainly add to the creepiness if all the bot did was walk slowly toward you. Nothing more than that, just ... follow you. *shivers* Okay, moving onto another review now.

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: No New Sounds: Yes





A servant of Ragnos that was brought back to life

Instalation Instructions
extract the pk3 file into your gamedata/base folder

There is no team colors and the reskin is a bit basic, the nicest things about it are his taunt and his icon

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