Renaissance Yavin IV Academy

renaissance_academy.rar —


can see why! smileYou've had a Sith academy today, so it seems only fair to have a Jedi one aswell. This in particular, feels like a combination of a Jedi academy, a prison complex, and a hotel, all nicely rolled into one.There is quite a lot to do here, if you like pushing door panels and such! stick out tongue One thing I like most about this, is the great level of interconnectivity in this map, without any major strain on the map itself. Sure, it's a beta, but I didn't notice any major problems on my exploration of it. I'm especially intrigued by the restricted access door. That tells me, that something very interesting lies beyond it, but we won't know until the next version.*Intense curiousity mode: activated*Gametypes: FFA, Team FFA, Duel, Power DuelMultiple versions: Yes. Day and night modeNew Models: YesNew Textures: YesNew Music: NoNPC Support: YesBot Support: No-SuperSmeg[/quote]-SuperSmeg


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