Renamon Retextured and more

Well, this is a reskin of Renamon, a model converted to Jedi Academy by SithDagger. Now, were this a skin by itself, it would be much smalle...


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Well, this is a reskin of Renamon, a model converted to Jedi Academy by SithDagger. Now, were this a skin by itself, it would be much smaller. However, it’s not. In this little reskin you get a new menu video, some new sounds, a weapon from Inyri’s melee redux pack, and some other stuff. Now, why wouldn’t the author submit that stuff separately, instead of making you download it all at once? I sure don’t want a Digimon menu movie when all I wanted was a skin. Anyways, onto the skin.

It just appears that the main change to the skin was that the hue was changed. There are also three variations to the skin, the main difference between them is that the arm cushion thingies change color. However, the symbols on the legs don’t change either. It would have been more enjoyable if more things had been changed than just hue and color on one part. Anyways, I think that more could have been done with this, and that it definitely should have been packaged separately from the menu video, if only to cut the size down.

Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes Npc Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Download 'retexturedrenamon.rar' (37.91MB)

        Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy mod
        TITLE**: Renamon Retextured and more
        AUTHOR**: Niklas Andersson

        FILENAME: Renamon Retextured.pk3
        FILESIZE: 37.9 mb

        CREDITS**: Thanks to Wildroo ( for the original model.
		   and the staff is from melee redux by Inyri Forge, and for SithDagger's rig of Renamon for JA

        INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Unzip into your Jedi Academy Base Directory

        DESCRIPTION : This is a retextured version of Renamon by me, i have to say its based on the Renamon in karabiner's art
		      and i have put a renamon background on the menu (i dont know the author of this pic but the pic says 02.Mar14(thu) Kohto.Minami), and i have put the digimon tamers intro in the menu and when you start
		      a new game(its my first video to JA so its not the best quality, and 4 musics from the Digimon tamers series, this mod has only be tested in singleplayer so i dont know if its work in multiplayer

        Editor used  : photoshop and modview

	BUGS: i have not noticed any

	Note         :   when you are in the player creation menu then if you want to play as the red or the blue gloved renamon then you have to choose head then select the color
			and bring down the console and type exec renamon then your jump and speed force are at the highest level

	inmportant    : You must have patch 1.01 or higher i think

	Botfiles   :     No,

	New sounds   :   Yes, its from the Digimon tamers series, not the best record but it will do for now i hope,
			     and the quarterstaff sounds is from melee redux
	New Music    :	Yes, (The Biggest Dreamer (Wada Kouji) and Flaming ice (Imai Yuka) and My Tomorrow (AiM) and Card Slash (i dont know  the name but i think its Ohta Michihiko)
			and if you want to listen to the music then bring down the console and type
			music music/biggestDreamer             The Biggest Dreamer
			music music/flamingice		       Flaming Ice
			music music/endcredits		       My Tomorrow
			music music/CardSlash		       Card Slash


	 New NPC     :  yes,   bring down the console and type
			Npc spawn Renamon           Spawn a friendly Renamon
		        Npc spawn Renamon_foe	    Spawn a Enemy Renamon

	new weapon   :  yes i have added a quarterstaff to Renamon, you can select it from the saber creation menu

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